Named scholarships

The Academy has a range of specific scholarships. A few examples are listed below.

ABRSM Scholarships

Each year the Royal Academy of Music awards six ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) scholarships, on the basis of merit, to candidates who audition at our December session in London. There are two awards for international-fee students, two for UK home-fee students and two for EU home-fee students: one each for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

No separate application process to the ABRSM is necessary. Candidates are considered automatically by the Royal Academy of Music’s Admissions Board following the auditions, and recommendations are then made directly to the ABRSM.

The international scholarships cover full tuition fees and a generous maintenance award of £5000 for the duration of both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The UK/EU (Home fee) scholarships cover full tuition fees for postgraduate study. Undergraduates receive £6000 (which can be put towards fees or living expenses) for the duration of the undergraduate programme of study. UK/EU students do not receive extra scholarship assistance for maintenance.

The Athena Scholarship

For talented Greek students in need who are hoping to study at the Academy. The Athena Scholarship is awarded by the Academy and provides assistance following successful audition. We have a rich tradition of Greek Scholars at the Academy who go on to great things, such as Dimitrios Gkogkas (Principal trumpet of Athens Opera). There is no separate application process.

Julian Bream Trust Scholarships

These are available to exceptionally gifted classical guitarists and lutenists, who wish to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Each Julian Bream Trust Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of musical merit and may cover the full cost of fees at the rate set by the Academy for Home/European Union students.

The selection of each nominee for a Julian Bream Trust Scholarship is carried out by the Royal Academy of Music in accordance with its normal auditioning procedures and criteria. If your audition is successful, the Academy will pass your details to the Julian Bream Trust for consideration. There is no separate scholarship application process.

Applicants may be of any nationality, but must be under 20 years old for undergraduate and under 26 years old for postgraduate programmes at the date of enrolment, in order to be eligible for a Julian Bream Trust Scholarship.

International Students House Residential Scholarships

There are currently six placements at ISH comprising bed and half board for the duration of studies. These are awarded to students from low income families who live in developing countries and who have been offered fee scholarships from the Academy. There is no application process. The Academy will make nominations to ISH following internal consultation.

Regent Scholarships

The Academy’s Regent Scholarship Scheme is an ambitious new scholarship programme designed to bridge the funding gap for students who need help. See Scholarships for details.

The Nina Finburgh Scholarship

Supporting people with physical and sensory impairments to study at the Royal Academy of Music.

Nina Finburgh was an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and an inspirational drama teacher who bequeathed a gift to the Snowdon Trust when she died in 2016.

The aim of the Nina Finburgh Scholarship is to give a small number of exceptionally talented disabled people an opportunity to achieve their full potential. If you are successful in your application you will receive financial support, thanks to the Snowdon Trust, to help you excel in an MA, MMus, Professional Diploma or Advanced Diploma programme that will make a difference to both your own future and to the lives of others.

Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for the Academy’s Nina Finburgh Scholarship if you:

• have an eligible disability*

• hold an offer for one of the following degree programmes: MA in Performance or Composition, MMus in Performance or Composition, Professional Diploma in Performance or Composition, Advanced Diploma in Performance**.


Disability – an impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on day-to-day activities and would have a significant impact on your opportunity to undertake study at the Academy.

Scope of eligible disabilities – physical disabilities, sensory impairments, autistic spectrum conditions and long-term health conditions such as MS, chronic fatigue, Lupus, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis.

** We are unable to offer this award to candidates with offers the Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) programme


Everyone is individual and each scholar will bring something different to the Nina Finburgh Scholarship. However for this award our ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate:

• real passion for your creative subject of learning

• outstanding talent and originality in your chosen field which is recognised by others

• determination to succeed and to overcome obstacles

• potential to become a leader in your field and to set an example for others to follow

• strong desire to help improve the lives of others

In order to support the successful candidates achieve their potential the Academy’s Nina Finburgh Scholarship will provide £15,000 towards your fees and/or living costs for duration of study (either one or two years) while a student at the Academy.

How to Apply for 2018-19

In order to be considered for this scholarship you must hold an offer of a place for the 2018-19 academic year.

Complete the online form to give us an outline of your circumstances, detailing how you meet the eligibility criteria and values, and how the scholarship will help you to achieve your potential at the Academy. The link to the form is here.

Please also provide a personal reference from someone of an appropriate position (not a family member or personal friend), who has known you for at least two years and can comment with authority on your application for the Nina Finburgh Scholarship. Primarily the reference should address how you meet the criteria, and should comment on your disability, how it affects your life and learning and how you manage it. Please note we are not seeking any additional academic reference.

You must submit your complete application by 17:00 GMT on 31 January 2018, including your reference.

If you have any questions about this scholarship please contact the Registry via

Nina Finburgh Scholarship privacy policy for application process