Video audition

Who can apply by video?

The Academy will accept video performances instead of a live audition for most Principal Studies.

We regret the Academy is unable to accept video applications for Opera, Choral Conducting, or Research degrees.

  • Conducting (orchestral) candidates submit a pre-screening video but must attend a live audition if selected. Please see the guidance on the Conducting audition page.
  • Composition candidates should consult the guidance on the Composition application page for information about their portfolio submission.
  • Master of Music or Professional Diploma performance candidates should include their written work with the uploaded recordings.
  • Study Abroad or Exchange candidates have separate guidance on our Incoming Exchanges web page. 
How to prepare your recording

A video application includes a spoken English section PLUS your performance. Recordings uploaded without the spoken item will not be processed. 

Your spoken item must be presented in English. First identify yourself by your name, and then say something about your musical background and the training you have had, your musical ambitions and your reasons for applying for your chosen programme of study at the Academy.

Your performance: please look at the appropriate department's page on the Academy website for details of the audition requirements for candidates who attend a live audition (see You should follow the published repertoire requirements. However, sight-reading, scales and arpeggios are not required in the recording. The whole performance must be recorded in one single 'take' as if in a live audition, so you have one unbroken and unedited file - for example, no 'blanks' between items. Please see below for additional guidance for organ and for orchestral percussion.

Organ candidates: the camera should point at your side so the assessment panel can see you play at the console, and (if possible) the microphone should be put some distance away from the instrument.

Orchestral Percussion candidates must perform every item on the relevant repertoire list (undergraduate or postgraduate), make sure you have all the instruments ready and within the camera range.

How to make your video application
  1. You must complete a UCAS Conservatoires application, selecting Recording as the audition method. Application details can be found here. The application deadline for 2019 entry is 1 October 2019, 6pm UK time  The deadline is 1 November for Conducting and Musical Theatre. 
  2. Your recordings must be uploaded by 1 November 2019. We use Acceptd as the portal for uploading media and documents: . There is useful guidance on the Acceptd help page and registration for an Acceptd account is free. The upload deadline is 30 November for Musical Theatre.

Recordings uploaded after 1 November will only be processed at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department. The Academy application fee paid to UCAS Conservatoires will be refunded if a late application is not processed.

In Acceptd, do not press 'Submit' until you have uploaded everything and previewed the application, to make sure you have included everything. After you press Submit, your Acceptd application will be locked.

You may be contacted for a video interview after your recordings have been assessed, so please include your Skype ID.