Auditions in North America

Audition dates

New York: 12-15 February 2019
Chicago: 18 February 2019

For Musical Theatre auditions, please visit the department page here.

We regret we are unable to offer auditions in North America for Organ, Harpsichord, Percussion, Jazz, Opera, Repetiteur, Composition, Conducting, Choral Conducting, or the MPhil research degree. These are auditioned exclusively in London.

Application Process

Our applications page has information about how to submit your application through UCAS Conservatoires.

The application fee for auditioning in North America is £150.

You can still apply after the deadline, but you may be put on a waiting list if there is no remaining space in the audition timetable. The Academy application fee will be refunded if we are unable to allocate an audition time.

MA or MMus?

The Master of Arts degree (MA) is the standard core programme of study taken by the majority of postgraduate students. The Master of Music (MMus) degree builds on the core by adding a Masters Project (see our Postgraduate Programmes page). Most of our postgraduate students follow the MA degree. The MA is based on the academic year (September to July) while the MMus is based on the calendar year (September to September).

What shall I write in the Personal Statement?

There is helpful guidance about this from UCAS.

Audition Requirements

The audition requirements are the same as for a London audition (details are on the relevant Department page), except that candidates for undergraduate study are not asked to take the written assessment and violin candidates do not have the prepared study.

Auditions are usually around 20 minutes in length, with the same length of time being allocated for the warmup session immediately preceding the audition.

Please see the Musical Theatre page for information about the Musical Theatre requirements.

The ‘Gap Year’ programme is only available to candidates who hold a valid EU or EEA passport, because it is not an eligible programme for gaining a UK study visa. Please contact the Admissions Team on if you wish to audition for the Gap Year programme. 


An accompanist is normally available at our New York auditions, though we recommend that you bring your own if possible. If you cannot do this, there is no charge for using the Academy accompanist, and you will be allocated a short rehearsal with them immediately before your audition time.

For our Chicago auditions please bring your own accompanist.

Historical performance candidates will need to perform unaccompanied or with modern piano.
Piano Accompaniment candidates will need to bring their own soloist.

Harp candidates

You will need to bring your own instrument, because the audition venue cannot provide one and we are not aware of any harp hire firms in the locality. If you attend our London auditions in December you can use an Academy harp (see our Harp audition page), so you may find this easier overall than transporting your instrument to New York or Chicago.