Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning (APEL)

APEL or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning is a process that enables you to receive formal recognition for skills and knowledge you already possess that have not been previously assessed or awarded credit.

The Royal Academy of Music recognises that significant knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to our core programmes of study can be developed as a result of learning opportunities outside formal educational frameworks, such as through employment, voluntary work, or individual activities and interests.

This recognition promotes lifelong learning, social inclusion and wider participation; above all, it ensures that the Academy provides equal access opportunities to gifted and motivated applicants from all backgrounds.

The Academy has developed strong and clear mechanisms for identifying, assessing and formally acknowledging prior learning, including prior certificated learning and prior experiential learning. Prior certificated learning refers to learning and achievement that was assessed and certificated before the start of the programme of study. Prior experiential learning refers to learning and achievement through experience and critical reflection outside the context of a formal programme of study. It is crucial that proper consideration be given in the accreditation process to learning and achievement through experience, not just the relevance of the experience alone.

The Academy’s APEL policy (PDF) provides the framework by which requests for APEL are considered.