Welcome to the website of the Mozart Fragments Project

At his death in 1791, Mozart left over 100 incomplete instrumental pieces from the last decade of his life. As a body of materials they can tell us much about his development as a composer over that period, his working methods and musical styles. Many of them were not abandoned because of creative issues but fell victim to circumstances or were ‘works in progress’ when Mozart died.

The aims of this research project were to:

  • Undertake detailed stylistic analyses of the fragments
  • Comment on them critically through completions that explore their musical potential
  • Make them available in performing editions.

The methods used included:

  • Drawing on the latest bibliographical work on the sources and adding to it
  • Analysing each fragment in the light of Mozart’s changing compositional preoccupations in other works he completed at the same time
  • Undertaking multiple completions of each fragment in order to acknowledge their intrinsic openness and explore alternative hypotheses about them
  • Testing new concepts about Mozart’s working methods and style in the composition of the completions.

More detailed information about the project’s aims, research questions and methods can be found here.

This site contains the scores and commentaries that are the outcome of the project. They are arranged by genre in the menu below, and chronologically within each category. A full list of the completions made in this project can be found here.

Concerto for piano and violin, Fr 1778b
Editorial Introduction

Oboe Concerto in F, Fr 1778c
Editorial Introduction

Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola and cello, Fr 1779b
Editorial Introduction

Horn Concerto in E, Fr 1785k
Editorial Introduction

Fantasia in D minor, Fr 1782e
Editorial Introduction

Sonata in G for Piano 4 Hands, Fr 1787i
Editorial Introduction

Piano Sonata in G minor, Fr 1790e
Editorial Introduction

Variations in G for Piano 4 Hands, Fr 1791a
Editorial Introduction