Brian Mark – Composition

My PhD thesis explores the process of taking documents from the past and placing them in a new contemporary musical framework. My interest lies in preserving the essence of these historical components, and emphasizing their ancient character from a modern perspective. With the technological aspects of digital-delay processing, the exploitation of technology in an acoustic and electronic environment has informed my research. I will attempt to juxtapose current and old materials naturally as if there was no chronological gap.

Richard Bullen – Composition

My compositions often make creative use of performance spaces in order to heighten perception of sound, structure, and the drama inherent in my musical material. My recent work The House of Asteria was written for soprano, four vertically separated quartets of clarinet and strings, video and the entire building of LSO St Luke’s. The piece explores the dramatic interaction between 'on' and 'offstage' and seeks to establish an intense series of interrelationships between music, text, video, lighting, spatial choreography, and architecture.

An-Ting Chang – Performance (Piano)

In the process of interweaving music with a dramatic piece, music in Concert Theatre becomes another language expressed by the musicians spoken alongside the actors on the same stage. The work is produced through a collaboration among musicians, directors, actors and designers. My own role involves altering the experience of how these elements interact, thus creating an original performing style.

Ryan Latimer – Composition

Playfulness and humour have important roles in my work, not least for the promise of whizzing endorphins and free abdominal workouts, but because such qualities often reveal parts of ourselves we might not otherwise care to acknowledge. Our ability to recognise and ridicule our insecurities is a rare luxury afforded to us and, in my opinion, is not credited nearly as much as it should be. Although there are a few gags or gimmicks in my work, there is a playfulness that gently brings into contention those questions which deserve more critical attention.