Adriana Festeu – Performance (Voice)

The term Zwischenfach (German for ‘inbetween categories’) is currently used to describe voices that are inbetween the vocal categories of soprano and mezzo-soprano. Since clear voice categorisation is crucial for young singers entering the audition circuit, I set out to investigate the challenges of singers who fall between the main recognised categories. Research methods include score analysis, auto-ethnography, and interviews with reputable opera singers, conductors and casting agents. This process is informing the development of a disc of arias which will aim to capture my ‘optimum repertoire’.

Carter Callison – Composition and Performance (Double Bass)

My research explores scordatura as a physical and theoretical phenomenon. As a bassist these insights have led to the development of Scordatura Pedals, which allow bassists to change the pitch of their strings while playing, and thus greatly expand the capabilities of the instrument. Stemming from physical scordatura, theoretical scordatura is a process I apply to existing works. This process draws equivalencies between the notes of a passage and a theoretical model, resulting in the transformation of various musical parameters.