Jack Lambert – Performance (Piano)

Like many influential pedagogues, very little is documented concerning the content of Maria Curcio’s teaching. Credited as the teacher of such pianists as Martha Argerich, Radu Lupu, Mitsuko Uchida and Pierre-Laurent Aimard, I became intrigued to discover more about her as a pianist and teacher. Through interviewing and working with her former pupils, I hope to build an enduring picture of her approach. This process is proving highly influential in the development of my own playing and teaching.

Sadie Fields – Performance (Violin)

Since the age of eight or nine I have been obsessed by early recording of violinists like Heifetz, Szigeti, and Ferras. I was lucky enough to study with musicians including György Pauk, Ivry Gitlis, and Ferenc Rados, who fuelled my interest in the great traditions of the past, and I’m now continuing this exploration. By learning all of Bartók’s violin works, and using this learning process as a model, I’m exploring my relationship to tradition, pedagogy, learning and to changes in music making during the last hundred years.

Otis Beasley – Performance (Piano)

My research project centres on the interpretative aesthetic of the pianist Moriz Rosenthal, whose formative influences included Karol Mikuli, Franz Liszt and Anton Rubinstein. Through a study of his recordings and those of other pianists who studied with the same figures, this project explores Rosenthal’s art and its relation to leading nineteenth century interpretative traditions.

Maggie Dziekonski – Performance (Violin)

I’m investigating the performance aesthetic of the conductor Leopold Stokowski, examining the ways in which his practices and principles can be practically implemented so as to enrich today’s performers and general musical culture.