Composing from various notions of Eastern Philosophy

Sun Keting

My PhD research aims to present insights into the complete process from musical composition to stage performance by exploring how various notions of Eastern Thought can be considered as a principal tool in composition in order to influence components such as musical material, texture, harmony and notation as well as the relationship between the kinaesthetic and the auditory scene. I believe that when composers talk about music only philosophically, without doing so in a practical and physical manner, the audience will find it harder to grasp the artistic idea. To connect my compositions with my audience in a philosophical world, I believe it is very important to present the music both visually and physically, so that audiences can connect with the philosophical idea of the piece.

Whether it's commissioned work or collaborative works, the central ideas of my research often play a leading role in the process of creation. The notions of Eastern philosophy can not only provide me with musical inspiration and structure during the composition process, but also can provide a mutual ground on which my collaborators and I can co-create. I hope that in the future, by continuing to develop my understanding of Eastern philosophical concepts, I can further deepen the interactive resonance between music and philosophy in my works, in order to create my own musical vocabulary and form a clear personal style.

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