Application dates

You should use UCAS Conservatoires to apply for all Academy auditions, except for the Research degree and for study abroad or ERASMUS placements. Entry for the 2018-19 academic year is now closed.

Applications for September 2019 entry

You can use use our online search form to find the best study option for you.

If you miss the deadline for your application, please contact before submitting a late application. We can normally consider late applications if there are still places available.

If you live in the UK or Europe, you should attend the main London auditions. We also recommend this for other international candidates, but you may prefer to attend our centres in North America or Asia and Australia if your Principal Study/Programme is auditioned there. 

Application and Audition Session Dates 2019 entry

Online applications are available in UCAS Conservatoires.

Deadlines and Audition Dates

1 October 2018: 6pm UK time (18.00 BST)

Deadline to make an on-time application for all London auditions, except those with a January deadline (see below). Late applications will be considered at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department, if there is space available in the December audition timetable.

Deadline to make an on-time application for all Asia auditions and Australia auditions. Late applications may be considered if there is space available in the timetable for the chosen centre.

Deadline for submission of Composition applications and uploading of portfolios

Please note that there is a January deadline for North America auditions, Choral Conducting, Repetiteur, Continuing Professional Development and Research Degrees, and 1 March 2019 deadline for study abroad and ERASMUS.

1 November

Deadline to make an on-time application for Conducting, Musical Theatre, Musical Direction and Coaching.
Deadline to submit Conducting prescreening videos
Deadline to submit Video audition applications and recordings

January 2019

7 January: deadline to make an on-time application for North America auditions, for Choral Conducting and for Repetiteur
14 January: deadline to make an on-time application for the Research Degree and for the Continuing and Professional Development diploma


October 2018

Mid-October: Auditions in Sydney and in Singapore
Late October: Notification of audition dates and times for China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.


Early November: Notification of audition dates and times for the London December audition session
Mid-November: Notification of audition dates and times for Musical Theatre candidates
Mid-November: Auditions in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan


Monday 3 December to Friday 14 December (weekdays): London auditions. You are expected to be available to audition on any weekday during this period, but please note that we do not audition every Principal Study on each day of the session. Some studies are only auditioned on a single day. The exact dates of the audition panels are confirmed in early November. Auditions for Organ are planned to be during the period 28 to 30 November.

Mid-January 2019

Notification of Orchestral Conducting first round results, confirmation to selected candidates of the time for their second round assessment (live audition) in February

Late January

Audition times for Orchestral Conducting, Choral Conducting, Répétiteur, Continuing Professional Development and for auditions in North America will be notified through UCAS Conservatoires Track.

31st January

Response deadline for December offers.

Deadline for Research Degree references, and for UCAS Conservatoires references to be received for February or March auditions

Bursary (Financial Assistance) application deadline for eligible students.


Confirmation of first-stage assessment results for Research Degree candidates and notification of interview dates where appropriate.

Auditions in London:
Orchestral Conducting second round auditions (two day process) 7 and 8 February 2019
Choral Conducting: (one day process) (dates to be confirmed)
Continuing Professional Development auditions (dates to be confirmed)
Repetiteur auditions (date to be confirmed)

Results are issued through UCAS Conservatoires usually within one month of the audition date.

Auditions in North America:
Musical Theatre auditions are planned to be held in New York, for information please click here.  

For other principal studies, the February North America audition session dates will be confirmed on this page.

Results are issued through UCAS Conservatoires Track, usually within one month of the audition date.

1st March

Application deadline for Inbound ERASMUS and Study Abroad (Year Abroad).


Interviews for MPhil/PhD research degree  Results are usually issued by post within three weeks of the interview date. 


ERASMUS and Study Abroad results. Results are usually issued directly to candidates’ Exchange/Study Abroad coordinators in their own institution.

Other important dates

April onwards: Invoices are emailed by the Finance Department. Tuition Fee Deposit payment is due 4 weeks after the issue date of the invoice, the rest of the fee is due in mid-August.

1st May: IELTS/Pearson test results must reach the Academy Registry.

From 1st May: US Federal Loan applications can be made, for processing during July.

May: UK Student Finance applications should be completed during this month.

June: Visa applications can be made after getting a sponsor number (CAS), requested from the Academy Registry when you have met all your Conditions of Entry.

July: Send a copy of your matriculation document (except recent A-levels, or awards gained at the Academy) to the Academy Admissions Team, with an official translation into English if the document is not in English.
The Academy's ‘information pack’ web link for new students is sent out by email.

August: Notification of your professor allocation. Payment deadline for remaining tuition fee.

Recent A-level results are sent to the Academy directly through UCAS.

September: Enrolment