Aural Skills Pedagogy Symposium

The Royal Academy of Music hosted this symposium on 7 April 2017. This was a highly successful event featuring expert speakers from around the world who gave presentations on the following topics:

  1. Anna Wolf (Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media – by Skype)
    Can we measure aural skills? Development and evidence from the Musical Ear Training Assessment (META)
  2. Kent Cleland (Baldwin Wallace University, Berea Ohio USA)
    Techniques for Teaching the Reading of Atonal Melodies
  3. Peter Lee (Rising Software – publishers of Auralia Ear Training and Musition Music Theory software)
    Technology in aural courses – Auralia case study
  4. Chris Atkinson (Aural Skills Coordinator, Royal Academy of Music)
    Some thoughts on trying to improve understanding of pitch function in tonal music in undergraduate performers.
  5. Gary S. Karpinski (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
    The Seeing Ear: Towards a Rationale for Dictation
  6. Jena Root (Dana School of Music, Youngstown State University, Ohio)
    Teaching Improvisation: Starting Points
    Teaching Improvisation Presentation
  7. Robin Harrison (British Kodaly Academy Education Committee)
    The Kodály Technique – recently accredited by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Will it really do what it says on the tin?
  8. Simon Parkin (Royal Northern College of Music)
    Aural training within an integrated approach to musicianship training

Around 40 delegates in total attended the event, from seven European countries, Australia, the Far East and the USA. The day concluded with a lively round-table session, led by Miranda Francis (Royal College of Music) in which most people contributed.

To read/view abstracts or full versions of the presentations please download the attached documents. For further information email Chris Atkinson.