Sam is an experienced Researcher, Research Administrator and Finance professional

Sam's research interests include music education, social music making and how technology can be used to transform these interactions. Her doctoral studies examined student-tutor interaction during one-to-one instrumental music lessons, and how this interaction changes when the lesson is remote, mediated by video communication technology. She has also worked as a researcher on the music app Steve Reich’s Clapping Music and at the UCL Knowledge Lab (part of the UCL Institute of Education) on the EU funded research project WeDraw, investigating digital multisensory learning environments to support exploration of spatial mathematical concepts by primary school children in mixed ability classrooms. Sam was the first Centre Manager for the Royal College of Music centre for Practice & Research in Science & Music PRiSM.

An Alumni of the Media and Arts Technology doctoral training programme, Cognitive Science Research Group and Music Cognition Lab at Queen Mary University of London. Sam is also a qualified chartered accountant (ACA ICAEW) with an MBA from London Business School and a saxophonist, specialising in contemporary big band jazz.

She joined the Academy in April 2023 in the new post of Research Officer.

Selected Publications

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Duffy, S., & Pearce, M. (2018). What makes rhythms hard to perform? An investigation using Steve Reich’s Clapping Music. PLOS ONE, 13(10), e0205847.

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