The Academy takes career focus and employability very seriously. Discover how our Artist Development courses enable students to develop as young professionals.

It has never been more important to think about how you will make music an integral part of your professional life. The Artist Development team delivers a comprehensive programme of courses and events for all students, focused on preparing you for a sustainable and fulfilling career. In this webinar, we talk you through how we make sure that you get the tools you need during your time at the Academy, so that by the time you leave, you are a versatile, career-savvy and empowered artist, ready to forge the career you want.

Our talks and seminars are designed to develop your core artist skills, self-knowledge and professional awareness. They cover a comprehensive range of practical subjects, including preparing professional documents, auditioning well, how to get funding, working with online content, personal recording techniques, self-employed finances, how to get teaching work and how to practise effectively. We consider your creative and career options, with talks and workshops on effective concert programming, orchestral life, working with promoters, and producing and creating your own projects. We engage with health and wellbeing concerns for musicians, inviting speakers who are experts on injury prevention and psychological resilience.

Browse through our Artist Development page for more information, and catch up on our 2022 webinar below.

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Artist Development Webinar 2022

Artist Development Webinar 2022