Find out practical information about the Academy, including the application process, finances and career development

We hosted webinars in autumn last year to give insight into the application process, student life, finances and other topics.

Applications and Auditions

This webinar explains the process and deadlines to make an application to the Academy. We’ll also discuss auditions and interviews and when to expect your decision from the Academy.

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Applications and Auditions Webinar 2022

Financing Your Studies

The Academy prides itself on being able to accept students purely on the basis of their potential and talent, and we’ll try to help deserving candidates as much as possible. The amount available for scholarships and bursaries varies from year to year, with some funding coming from the Academy’s own endowments and the rest secured through the generosity of individuals, companies, trusts and foundations.

Find out more on the following pages:

In the webinar below we’ll outline various routes to raising the money needed to study at the Academy. We’ll also explain how scholarships and bursaries are awarded at the Academy.

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Financing Your Studies Webinar 2022

Open Academy

Open Academy, our community and participation department, works with around 6,000 people beyond our enrolled students and staff each year.

We work closely with our artistic and community partners on projects that include workshops with children and young people in mainstream schools and SEND (special educational needs and disability) settings, disabled people, those receiving treatment in hospitals, residents and staff of care homes, and people attending day centres.

Through Open Academy you will not only develop your musicianship, skills and confidence, but also make connections with people from all walks of life and reflect upon the contribution you can make to society through your artistry.

Find out more on the dedicated page on our website, and catch up on our 2022 Webinar below.

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The Academy's flag on the front of the building

Open Academy Webinar 2022

Artist Development

The Academy takes career focus and employability very seriously. Discover how our Artist Development courses enable students to develop as young professionals.

It has never been more important to think about how you will make music an integral part of your professional life. The Artist Development team delivers a comprehensive programme of courses and events for all students, focused on preparing you for a sustainable and fulfilling career. In this webinar, we talk you through how we make sure that you get the tools you need during your time at the Academy, so that by the time you leave, you are a versatile, career-savvy and empowered artist, ready to forge the career you want.

Our talks and seminars are designed to develop your core artist skills, self-knowledge and professional awareness. They cover a comprehensive range of practical subjects, including preparing professional documents, auditioning well, how to get funding, working with online content, personal recording techniques, self-employed finances, how to get teaching work and how to practise effectively. We consider your creative and career options, with talks and workshops on effective concert programming, orchestral life, working with promoters, and producing and creating your own projects. We engage with health and wellbeing concerns for musicians, inviting speakers who are experts on injury prevention and psychological resilience.

Browse through our Artist Development page for more information and see highlights from the Students Create Festival below, a yearly student-led festival produced by the Artist Development team.

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union (SU) plays a key role in Academy life. Whether you’d like to join a specific club, need advice from a friendly face or just want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best social events, we’re here for you.

Every enrolled student is automatically a member of the SU. The academic year starts with Freshers’ Week, which is a great time to explore all the clubs on offer (but you’re welcome to sign up to any of our societies at any time). Other social highlights include the Christmas Party and Summer Ball.

Check out our SU pages for more details on how you are represented by the Union, our buddy system and more.

You can also follow our Facebook page for more information and updates.

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is critical. We want you to make the most of your time here and establish good habits that will help you in the future. Our courses are designed to develop your ability to thrive in the music profession and support your physical and mental health throughout your career.

We have a strong network of experienced staff to help you through your studies and we dedicate significant resources to this area. Take a look at the dedicated Wellbeing and Support section to understand more about our provisions around health, counselling, access and disability.

How to Apply

You can apply for Academy courses through UCAS Conservatoires. Our ID is R53. If you have any questions, contact the relevant department or the Admissions Team in our Registry, who will be happy to help – email or call +44 (0)20 7873 7393.


Everyone who applies on time will be auditioned – we're excited to seek out the promise of today and create the virtuosos of tomorrow. You'll find lots more information in the main Auditions section of our website.

All principal studies will be auditioned in London, and video auditions can be done instead of a live audition for most principal studies. Our video auditions page has more details.

Information about application deadlines is available through the Your Application page.

'The most effective context for creativity in the performing arts is team spirit and being companionable. Investing in each other provides a "domino effect" of positivity'

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood CBE, Principal