Henry Wood Resource

About the Henry Wood project

Funded by the MLA (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council – now merged with Arts Council England) Designation Development Award, the aim of the Henry Wood project has been to catalogue, conserve and make accessible Sir Henry Wood’s collection of scores and manuscripts for future generations to enjoy. Cataloguers created over 3000 records for the entire score collection, which spans nearly 40 metres of shelving.

An extensive digitisation programme has created high resolution digital versions of some of the Henry Wood scores, as well as many others of special interest. The project will thus support the study of many aspects of British performance history, concert programming and repertoire, social and institutional history, the art of conducting and musicianship in general; providing a wealth of resources to be used by students, researchers, academics and scholars.  

To access the catalogue records please go to the Library. For research access to the Henry Wood score collection, please contact library@ram.ac.uk.

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