CD recording, Yaltah Menuhin, piano.

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Presented by Dr. Irene Hartzell, 16/09/2010, in honour of Nicole Crespo.
CD recording, Yaltah Menuhin (archival). Produced by her son, Lionel Rolfe. The gold disc is marked with a pen 'Yahtah Menuhin / Pianist'.

1. Felix Mendelssohn - Variations Serieuses, Op.54
2. Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata 21 Op.53 ('Waldstein')
3. Unknown
4. Franz Lizst - Gnomenreigen
5. J. S. Bach - Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (recorded in a studio, Melbourne, Australia, 6 August 1984)
6. Live performance conducted by Yehudi Menuhin, 1970s, ? Windsor Castle - Hephzibah, Yaltah and Jeremy Menuhin

With an accompanying hand-written note recording the above information, on a piece of Marriott Hotel notepaper.
multi-media, pianist, violinist, conductor, recording
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