Violin by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1699, 'Kustendyke'

Object type
This well-preserved, graceful "Long Pattern" with its characteristic long body length, narrow body, rounded swell to the arching and bell-shaped appearance of upper and lower bouts, dates from 1699.

The sound holes appear wide and upright. The purfling, positioned on the upswing of its channel, accentuates the narrow radius of the edge fluting.

The extremely fine-grained belly wood and the complementary two-piece back of figured maple sit under the delicate layer of translucent red-brown varnish.

The scroll has a heavy chamfer, a developing characteristic of Stradivari's work in the middle and late period, while the very narrow final turn and outward swing into the eye may indicate the hand work of Stradivari's elder son. Francesco was approaching 30 at the time this instrument was made and he was surely active in the family workshop.

By 1700 Stradivari abandoned his "Long Pattern" and reverted to the shorter, wider "Grand'' Amati pattern that from then on became the widely accepted standard.
Date made
The "Kustendyke" takes its name from a previous Dutch owner. The violin was sold in 1924 by violin dealer Hart and Sons for just over £1,000 to Agnes Scott of Dublin. Scott left it to the Academy in 1961, particularly for use by Colin Sauer, who played on the violin for 30 years. Later it was lent to Xue Wei until 1999, and then played for a period by Lydia Mordkovitch, both of whom have taught at the Academy.
woodwork, violin, Stradivarius
maple, spruce, ebony
Object type
Type Length Width Height Diameter Unit (length)
Stop 199.5 mm
Neck 130 mm
Back 362 mm
Upper Bout 160 mm
Middle Bout 109.5 mm
Lower Bout 201 mm
Back (with caliper) 360 mm
Upper Bout (with caliper) mm
Middle Bout (with caliper) mm
Lower Bout (with caliper) mm
Total String Length 330 mm
Object No


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