The mission of the Museum is to support the work of the Academy and to advertise it to the wider public, highlighting the potential of music to inspire, unite and stimulate through performance, displays and research. We actively promote the ethos that music is a vital part of life.

The strategic aims of the museum are:

  1. To increase awareness, understanding and enjoyment of our collection of musical instruments, art, photographs, scores, manuscripts and other objects in the galleries and the wider Academy through lively and innovative displays, interpretation, outreach and programming.
  2. To support the culture of musical research and practice in the Academy and beyond through displays, events, collaboration and access to the collections.
  3. To provide access to the collections, and information about them, for users within the Academy and the wider public, using digital means as well as traditional methods.
  4. To enable active use of the collections today while responsibly preserving them for tomorrow.