Reich for Percussion

‘The Royal Academy CD arrived and I just listened to Variations for Vibes, Pianos and Strings. All I can say to Neil Percy and all the musicians is BRAVO! It is a superb recording which I found technically and emotionally satisfying. The CD itself is very attractive and full of excellent notes. I can‘t thank Neil (once again) and everyone at the Royal Academy enough for such a first-rate musical achievement.’
– Steve Reich

CD brochure (PDF)

We are deeply grateful for the support of Lady Susie Sainsbury towards the Academy’s catalogue of recordings.

Total Time: 59:06

Composed over a period of thirty years, these works highlight Steve Reich’s diversity of tonal, textural and colouristic effects.

Nagoya Marimbas
Barnaby Archer and Feargus Brennan

Music for Pieces of Wood
Michael Rareshide, Daniel Robinson, Barnaby Archer, Rebecca Celebuski and Ben Lewis

Variations for Vibes, Pianos and Strings
Academy students conducted by Neil Percy
(11:34; 6:36; 3:39)

Clapping Music
Michael Rareshide and Tom Lee

Six Marimbas
Philip Welder, Michael Rareshide, Rebecca Celebuski, James Crook, Fergus Brennan and Elena Martinez Canto

Recorded at the Royal Academy of Music on 13th–15th November 2011.

Quote Guardian - lucid performances

Quote Guardian - lucid performances