Répétiteur auditions

These requirements are for students auditioning to start their studies at the Academy in September 2019. Until specified otherwise, these requirements also apply for auditions in future years. Some audition requirements may change: please check back here regularly.You are welcome to contact the Registry or the opera department administrator if you have any queries. The closing date for receipt of applications is on the Application Dates section of our Apply page www.ram.ac.uk/study/how-to-apply and the auditions will be held in London during February 2019.

Audition requirements


All répétiteur candidates apply for the Professional Diploma (Repetiteur), UCAS Conservatoires course code: 909F. There is no Academy application fee, though you must pay the UCAS registration charge when you submit the application.
These requirements cover assessment for the Prof Dip and also (for candidates who are eligible) the Répétiteur Fellowship.

You should prepare two ensemble scenes, with at least three main characters, from two operas and be able to play them and sing in the vocal lines as far as possible. Half an hour before the audition you will be given some spoken language extracts in German, French, English and Italian to prepare for the audition. There will also be some sight-reading tests, and you may be asked to have an academic interview later in the day.

You are not required to supply a Professional Diploma Specialist Proposal.