Strings staff

Head of Strings

Professor Jo Cole

Visiting Professors

Academy strings students work with an exceptional line-up of Visiting Professors. They give both public masterclasses and internal classes at regular intervals, and maintain contact throughout the year with what is going on at the Academy.

Chamber Musician in Residence

Levon Chilingirian 

Visiting Professors of Violin

Tasmin Little
Daniel Hope
James Ehnes

Visiting Professors of Viola

Garth Knox
Hartmut Rohde
Philip Dukes
Su Zhen

Visiting Professors of Cello

Mario Brunello
Colin Carr

Steven Doane
Steven Isserlis 
Marquis de Corberon Visiting Professor of Cello
JiWu Li
Sungwon Yang

Professor in Orchestral Studies

Ben Hughes

Visiting Professor of Double Bass

Matthew McDonald

Visiting Artist in Double Bass

Joel Quarrington

Teaching Quartet in Association

Doric Quartet:
Alex Redington
Jonathan Stone
Hélène Clément
John Myerscough

Principal-Study professors

Our professors of violin, viola, cello and double bass include internationally renowned teachers, soloists, seasoned chamber musicians and principal players in London’s top orchestras. All are dedicated to helping you fulfil your musical potential and ambitions. Our professors have a deep understanding of their students’ professional destinations and know the level of preparation needed to get there.

Professors are allocated after successful auditions; students can express a desire to study with a specific teacher and the Head of Strings will always respect such requests and consider with great care how to get the best ‘fit’ for each student’s development.

Professors of Violin

Remus Azoitei
Levon Chilingirian
 (with additional responsibility for chamber music)

Diana Cummings
Richard Deakin
Joshua Fisher
Michael Foyle

Rodney Friend
Mayumi Fujikawa
Clio Gould
Erich Gruenberg
Giovanni Guzzo
Philippe Honoré

Richard Ireland (with additional responsibility for chamber music)
So-Ock Kim
Hu Kun

Sophie Langdon
Jack Liebeck
Nicholas Miller

György Pauk Ede Zathureczky Professor of Violin
Alexander Sitkovetsky
Maureen Smith
Tomotada Soh

Professors of Viola

Juan Miguel Hernandez
Yuko Inoue 

Garfield Jackson (with additional responsibility for chamber music)
Martin Outram (with additional responsibility for chamber music)
James Sleigh 
Jon Thorne (with additional responsibility for chamber music)

Professors of Cello 

Robert Cohen
Jo Cole (with additional responsibility for chamber music)
Lionel Handy 
Benjamin Hughes
Guy Johnston

Josephine Knight Alfredo Piatti Chair of Cello (with additional responsibility for chamber music) 
Mats Lidström
Christoph Richter
Hannah Roberts

Felix Schmidt 
David Smith (with additional responsibility for chamber music)
Professor David Strange (Professor Emeritus of Cello)

Professors of Double Bass

Tom Goodman
Graham Mitchell
Dominic Seldis 

Students have access to all professors for chamber music coaching, but professors with special responsibility in this important area are shown here.