Répétiteur: your experience

Royal Academy Opera offers opportunities for keyboard players wanting to specialise as répétiteurs.

These Professional Diploma students work in a wide variety of repertoire (spanning the 17th to the 21st centuries) in a variety of languages, closely guided and coached by the highly distinguished professors and directors of the Royal Academy Opera and Vocal Faculty. 


Our singing and opera professors are dedicated teachers and active performers with professional musical careers of all kinds. Collectively, they have a wide-range of industry knowledge and insight into all aspects of the profession.

Our list of distinguished Royal Academy Opera and Vocal Faculty professors

Répétiteur audition

Répétiteur Fellowship

Répétiteur Activities

In addition to having piano lessons, the Academy’s répétiteurs keep a busy and varied weekly schedule which includes:

  • Playing for main-stage opera production rehearsals and opera scenes rehearsals and performances
  • Assisting the conductors, including taking over and conducting orchestral rehearsals where appropriate, and taking notes during rehearsals with orchestra
  • Preparing opera choruses
  • Observing and participating in coaching and masterclasses by vocal specialists/visiting artists
  • Playing for language coaching, including French, Italian and German
  • Training and experience in playing recitative/continuo