Piano Solo: your experience

The Piano Faculty attracts talented students from all over the world, making it one of the Academy’s most diverse and exciting departments.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are intelligent, proactive and professional and are given plenty of opportunities to perform publicly. We encourage you to design and curate your own concerts, commission and collaborate, as well as think about your role as a twenty-first century musician.


Our professors include celebrated performers and pedagogues, recording artists and festival directors. Teachers are allocated after successful auditions; students can express a desire to study with a specific teacher and the Head of Piano will review such requests. Visiting Professors come in frequently to work with students in masterclasses, give lectures, and teach one-to-one lessons.

‘My mentor Joanna MacGregor has been an immensely important figure for me. Whilst at the Royal Academy of Music she taught me so much about programming, presentation, life skills, all in addition to playing the piano!’
Recent alumna Christine McMaster interviewed for The Cross-Eyed Pianist.