Piano Accompaniment: audition requirements

Some audition requirements may change: please check back here regularly. You are welcome to contact the Registry or the department administrator if you have any queries. Please see www.ram.ac.uk/apply for application details.

The precise format for auditions will be different according to your Principal Study. As time is limited for some auditions, you may be interrupted before you have performed a complete piece; there will also be a short interview, where you will be asked about the music you have played, and any particular interests you have.

Please note this is offered at postgraduate level only

UCAS Conservatoires course codes:

Master of Arts 1 yr 700F / 2 yr 702F, Master of Music 1 yr 807F / 2 yr 805F, Professional Diploma 903F, Continuing Professional Development Diploma 908F, Advanced Diploma (Performance) W301.


You should prepare a programme (minimum 20 minutes) of songs and/or instrumental works, that also includes a short, technically demanding solo work.

There will be a sight-reading test. 


You are expected to provide your own soloist/s for the audition.

If you are unable to provide a soloist and are auditioning in London, please contact the Academy Registry at least 4 weeks prior to the first day of our London audition session.

The Academy will provide soloists with no charge for the following programme, and you will be able to rehearse with the soloists in the 30 minutes directly preceding your audition:

  • Beethoven: ‘Spring’ Sonata in F major op.24 for violin and piano, first movement
  • Brahms: Von ewiger Liebe, in C sharp minor (high key)
  • Debussy: Green, in G flat major (high key)

If you do not wish to perform the set programme listed above, the Academy will endeavour to provide a soloist/s for your specified repertoire. Please note, this will incur a fee of £50 per soloist, and will include a 30-minute rehearsal; extra rehearsal can be arranged with the soloist for £30 per hour.

Audition payment details

You should transfer the payment in advance to the Academy’s bank account as follows:

Lloyds Bank
185 Baker Street

Account name: The Royal Academy of Music HEFCE Account
Account number: 01372241
Branch Sort Code: 30-90-39
IBAN: GB02 LOYD 3090 3901 3722 41

Reference: Your name, 'audition'

Though we will make every effort to accomodate your requests, it may not be possible to provide a suitable soloist for less familar repertoire. 

We regret we cannot provide soloists if your chosen audition centre is not London.

Audition requirements: Répétiteurs

(Professional Diploma only)

UCAS Conservatoires course code: 909F

See Royal Academy Opera / Répétiteur auditions.

Other requirements for Master of Music (MMus), Professional Diploma (ProfDip) and Advanced Diploma (Performance) candidates

There are specific requirements for written work to support your application.