Jazz alumni

Trish Clowes (Graduated 2007)
‘Trish Clowes is a fiercely talented jazz saxophonist’
The Daily Telegraph

Joshua Blackmore (Graduated 2008)
‘Drummer Joshua Blackmore puts the group up with the world-class practitioners of this intricate and intimate kind of jazz…hi-hat hisses and intensifying drama turn into miniature epics.’
The Guardian

Kit Downes (Graduated 2009)
‘One of the finest pianists of his generation’
Time Out Magazine

Chris Montague (Graduated 2007)
‘He can be both mesmerisingly tender and stingingly explosive...’

John Escreet (Graduated 2006)
‘A formidable, intelligent player-composer with a fertile imaginiation and a surplus of energy’
Jazz Times

Orlando le Fleming (Graduated 1999)
‘A deep toned walker with an impeccable sense of time’
Jazz Times

Reuben Fowler (Graduated 2012)
‘His debut big-band album Between Shadows shows an enticingly subtle palette...’
The Daily Telegraph

Freddie Gavita (Graduated 2008)
‘...a talented trumpet prodigy’
The Guardian

Tom Green (Graduated 2013)
‘Trombonist and composer Tom Green is one of that ever-growing stable of brilliant young musicians who’ve emerged from the Royal Academy of Music jazz course’
The Daily Telegraph

Jasper Hoiby (Graduated 2004)
‘...the most electrifying experience to be had in British jazz’
The Daily Telegraph

Ivo Neame (Graduated 2003)
‘Remarkable writing and playing are in dazzling balance’
The Guardian

Kwabs Graduated 2013)
‘This London talent has a voice that could shake the earth...’
The Daily Telegraph
‘Remarkably for a kid from a South London comprehensive whose childhood had been spent in and out of state care, he won a place at the Royal Academy of Music, one of the most prestigious hothouses of young musical talent in the world.’
BBC Sound of 2015

Gwilym Simcock (Graduated 2003)
‘He’s a formidable musician as well as a formidable pianist, with a feeling for the way harmony can create architecture as well as momentary colours – a rare gift’
The Daily Telegraph