Harp: your experience

The Harp Faculty is a hard working and tight-knit community.

Our students and professors work in a friendly, supportive and thriving environment. 

We offer programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates to study and perform solo, concerto and chamber repertoire, hone technical skills and get necessary experience in a wide-range of experiences to fully prepare for a career in professional harp playing.

The harp is thoroughly integrated into the life and work of the Academy. Academy composers and performers have enjoyed countless collaborations with our harp students, and every year the Harp Faculty commissions new works.


Our professors include celebrated performers and pedagogues, recording artists and international soloists. Specialists in orchestral and contemporary repertoire, early harp, jazz and opera as well as distinguished Visiting Professors come in frequently to work with students in masterclasses, give lectures, and teach one-to-one lessons.

Students can express a desire to study with specific professors after accepting their place to study in the Academy. The Head of Harp will consult with the student and professors and consider with great care how to get the best ‘fit’ for each student’s development. Postgraduate students may choose to divide their allocated hours among several teachers to suit individual interests.