Conducting alumni

Paul Brough (Graduated 1997)
'...conductor Paul Brough, who shaped the music's contours with imagination as well as affection...'
The Guardian

Jessica Cottis (Graduated 2009)
'Precision, energy and elegance from a welcome talent.'
Sydney Morning Herald

Richard Farnes (Graduated 1990)
'Orchestrally, it is fabulous: Richard Farnes's conducting, at once detailed and visceral, is outstanding.'
The Guardian

Rumon Gamba (Graduated 1998)

Edward Gardner (Graduated 2000)
'Edward Gardner’s conducting of his splendid orchestra was incandescent in its magnificence.'
The Telegraph

Christian Ludwig (Graduated 2008)
'Led by Christian Ludwig, the Cologne Chamber Orchestra’s performances are perfect: flowing, rhythmically clean and snappy, immaculately tuned and affectionately phrased.'
Listen Magazine and Classicstoday

Susanna Malkki (Graduated 1994)
' was fascinating to see how expressively Mälkki sculpted and coaxed the music with her flowing, graceful movements.'
The Classical Review

Ludovic Morlot (Graduated 2000)
'Morlot was absolutely sure-footed, conjuring a wonderful palette of colour from the BBC orchestra in a score that dazzles...'
The Guardian

Paul Murphy (Graduated 1988)

Ilan Volkov (Graduated 1997)
'Israel's Ilan Volkov is one of the world's most adventurous conductors, a specialist in early-20th-century modernism...'
The Guardian

Martin West (Graduated 1995)

Mark Wigglesworth (Graduated 1989)
'Like Abbado and Rattle, Wigglesworth dares genuine pianissimi. Everything is humanised so that the conflict of the finale is a whirlwind battle rather than a grinding mechanism...The end is as mesmerising as it can be.'
BBC Music Magazine