Composition alumni

Some of our illustrious composition alumni include:

Craig Armstrong (Graduated 2005)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle (Graduated 1958)

Ruth Byrchmore (Graduated 1991)

Cornelius Cardew (1936–1981)

Brian Ferneyhough (Graduated 1967)

Alissa Firsova (Graduated 2012)
‘The only problem for Alissa Firsova is time, or rather, lack of it. She is a rising composer, pianist and conductor and, at 29, she has already featured three times at the BBC Proms’ – FT, July 2015

Nicholas Maw (1935–2009)

Michael Nyman (Graduated 1965)

Paul Patterson (Graduated 1968)

Augusta Read Thomas (Graduated 1989)

Luke Bedford (Graduated 2002)

Nimrod Borenstein (Graduated 1996)

James Seymour Brett (Graduated 1997)

Joe Duddell (Graduated 1999)

Adam Gorb (Graduated 1993)

Elena Langer (Graduated 2010)

Alwynne Pritchard (Graduated 1993)

James Radford (Graduated 2000)

Martin Suckling (Graduated 2010)

Luis Tinoco (Graduated 1999)

Benjamin Wallfisch (Graduated 2002)