Choral Conducting faculty classes and activities

  • Technique and Interpretation: this is the core of the course, delivered in intensive weekly classes – usually totalling eight hours per week.
  • Aural skills: a specialist weekly class at advanced level.
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Repertoire
  • Stylistic Performance Practice
  • Editing: specialist teaching is available for students who wish to develop scholarly editing skills.
  • Vocal Technique: Our specialist voice teachers will help you develop your own voice and deepen your understanding of vocal techniques essential for training choirs.
  • Contextual Studies: You will have the opportunity to study Gregorian chant, chorale and other liturgical music forms up to the present day to give you insight into the religious, cultural and compositional contexts of the core European choral repertoire.
  • Baton Technique: you will work on orchestral as well as oratorio repertoire in weekly classes, as well as occasional sessions with the symphonic Conducting students and their Head of Department, Sian Edwards.

In the final year, you are assessed on a self-organised concert outside the Academy and on a rehearsal and performance with the Academy Chamber Choir.

As a Choral Conducting student, you will work intensively with members of the Academy's Chamber Choir. We also have close working relationships with the BBC Singers, the Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London, the Joyful Company of Singers, the Renaissance Singers, and the Music Makers of London as well as the adult and professional and children's choirs of the London Oratory. Self-generated work is seen as essential and we encourage you to take up positions with choirs outside the Academy during your studies.

The department has strong international links. Every year in September all students travel with the Academy Chamber Choir to Neresheim Abbey in southern Germany for an intensive week of music-making, including daily services, a concert and, in recent years, broadcasts for BBC Radio 3. Students have visited Leipzig and Dresden biennially in recent years to experience the living choral traditions of the German cultural heartlands. In addition to visiting professor Roland Börger (Leipzig), guest international professors have also included Timo Nuoranne (Helsinki) and Mats Nilsson (Stockholm).

The Choral Conducting course grew out of the Academy's former Church Music programme. It now incorporates a wider range of repertoire and offers you a variety of conducting experiences to fully prepare you for the choral conducting profession. Our course offers postgraduate students an opportunity to lay firm technical foundations, which enables them to express well-considered musical intentions with gestural explicitness and economy. The relationship between singing technique and conducting technique, especially as regards energy, relaxation and poise in breathing, is fundamental to the teaching of the course and to a successful career.

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