Q. Does it matter what make of horn I play?

A. No. A horn is essentially an amplifier for what you, the player, do. We should choose a horn that enables us to perform to our best and as we want to. Of course, we develop a very personal relationship with our instrument, and so we should, but remember that the most important part of the equation is you.

Q. Should I play a double horn?

A. Yes. Although there are other options, and at some time they might be useful, a double horn is the best option for covering all the things you will need to play.

Q. How often does the Academy horn ensemble meet?

A. Every week. We have a concert every term and everything is performed without a conductor, although the weekly rehearsals are under the direction of one of the horn professors. In addition the group has played at gigs in the UK and in the USA. We also have regular excerpt classes and mock auditions.

Q. If I come to the Academy, what will I learn?

A. You will learn the widest possible range of skills and repertoire including concertos and orchestral parts. Our aim is to teach transferable skills so that by learning one piece, you learn how to learn other pieces. One of the most important qualities a musician must have is what we call “radar”. They need to be aware of what is happening around them in real time and be able to respond quickly to changes in dynamic, tempo, intonation and a range of other things. In the music world of the 21st century, it would be foolish to restrict yourself to one area of competence. Aim to be good in all repertoire, in all registers and all styles.

Q. If I come to the Academy, will I definitely get work in the music profession?

A. Although the vast majority (over 90%) of our students go on to professional careers, no one can possibly guarantee this. Anyone who says otherwise is not being entirely truthful. Your future success depends on your own ability and determination. No one else can supply that for you. What we can and will do, is give you all the support and help we can. This means not only the finest possible teaching but also the benefit of our experience and unsurpassed connections in the music world.

Q. Can I get consultation lessons with the horn professors?

A. Yes. Contact us through this website or through the Academy office and we will be happy to arrange one. You can also meet up with some of our students and get their views.