Academic Studies staff

Timothy Jones Deputy Principal (Programmes and Research)

Dominic Alldis Lecturer
Christopher Atkinson Lecturer & Co-ordinator of Aural Skills
Amy Blier-Carruthers Postgraduate Tutor and Lecturer in Postgraduate Studies
Ruth Byrchmore Senior Tutor in UG Pastoral Support and Vice President of Alumni
Sarah Callis Senior Postgraduate Tutor
Roderick Chadwick Postgraduate Tutor & Reader in Music
Jonathan Clinch Lecturer
Briony Cox-Williams Postgraduate Tutor
Adriana Festeu Head of Year B1
David Gorton Senior Postgraduate Tutor and Associate Head of Research
Dominic Grier Lecturer in Music
Anthony Gritten Head of Undergraduate Programmes
Professor Neil Heyde Head of Research and Postgraduate Programmes
Alexander Hills Lecturer and Co-ordinator of Analytical Skills
Professor Raymond Holden Professor of Public Engagement
Roy Howat Keyboard Research Fellow
Colin Huehns Lecturer
John Hutchins Head of Year B4
Emily Kilpatrick Lecturer
Andrew Lang Lecturer in Postgraduate Studies
Hayoung Heidi Lee Lecturer and Co-ordinator of Performing in Context
Martin Outram Head of Year B3 and Professor of Viola
Daniel-Ben Pienaar Curzon Lecturer in Performance Studies
Jennifer Shepherd Lecturer
Robert Sholl Lecturer
Peter Sheppard Skærved Museum Research Fellow & Viotti Lecturer in Performance Studies
Mei-Ting Sun Postgraduate Tutor
Gwendolyn Tietze Lecturer in Artist Development
Jessica Walker Lecturer in Artist Development and Postgraduate Tutor
Nicholas Walker Lecturer
Julian West Head of Open Academy & Lecturer
Anna Wolstenholme Postgraduate Tutor
George Zacharias Lecturer in Music