Why support the Academy?

Why support the Academy?

Our mission is simple: identify young talented musicians, offer them the best possible teachers and performance opportunities and give them the tools to lead a creative, varied and fulfilling musical life.

Music is one of the most extraordinary forces for good in the world. It brings people together, transcends all boundaries and helps us to articulate our humanity on every level.

And yet, music has never been more at risk than it is today. There has been a significant decline in music teaching in schools over the past decade, and opportunities to learn an instrument are unavailable to an increasing number of young people. We are determined to find a solution and we invite you to help us.

Why is philanthropy so important?

In the past, student fees and government funding have served as the backbone of the Academy’s financial security. Today, income from fees and investment is static, and government funding declines by about 10% per year. 

The result is that we look to philanthropic funding – the only source of funding that increases year on year – to ensure that every student receives the high standard of care and teaching as they they deserve.

Please help the Academy make a real difference to the most talented young musicians. Your support has never been more vital.


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