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Take finances out of the equation

We want every aspiring Academy student to apply with the confidence that they will receive the right support for their talent and circumstances. We provide around £4m in financial awards each year, and our donors give over a quarter of this. However, as fees and living costs rise, we are challenged to do even more. Your support for students has never been more vital.

Give to the Principal’s Fund

Inspire emerging musicians

Here at the Academy, we believe that we should seek out exceptional talent and help each student to succeed on their own merits, whatever their background. With your support, we can raise aspirations and give a world-class musical education to gifted school-age musicians who ought to have the chance.

Please contact us at developmentinbox@ram.ac.uk for more information

Build facilities that sing

Did you know that we have more than 100 teaching, practice, rehearsal and lecture rooms, and 250km of digital infrastructure?

Music is changing, and we cannot rest on our past. A singer needs the recital hall, a jazz pianist needs the recording studio and a video games composer needs the editing suite. You can give all of them the best cutting-edge facilities.

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Prepare students for professional life

The environment for emerging professional musicians has never been more complex, challenging or competitive. To succeed, today’s graduates need to be marketers, small business owners, personal accountants, teachers, coaches and project managers – which means they need a new set of skills. At the same time, students are exhibiting more signs of mental and physical stress, and are looking to the Academy for support.

Gifts will help give students the skills and resilience they need to approach the changing demands of the musical profession.

Please contact us at developmentinbox@ram.ac.uk for more information.

Create an exceptional artistic environment

Over the course of a career, a single teacher mentors and inspires hundreds of students. In a formative performance, a student learns to become an artist. With an exceptional artistic environment and top international teachers, we can give every student the best chance of success. In turn, many of our students take first-rate music making into London’s schools and communities. Your support makes the Academy the conservatoire of choice for the most talented..

Please contact us at developmentinbox@ram.ac.uk for more information.

Help us grow and adapt

Gifts to the area of greatest need are among the most valuable we receive. Why? Because they allow us to invest in unexpected opportunities – the chance to host an outstanding visiting professor or send a student to an international competition. They also give us the room to meet unforeseen costs such as facility repair or an unexpected number of students requiring hardship funding. In other words, your gift to this fund allows us to be flexible and to thrive. All gifts to the area of greatest need are allocated at the Principal’s discretion.

Give to the area of greatest need

Thank you very much for considering a gift today. To learn more about how you could change the lives of Academy students and their futures, please Contact Us