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Address: Royal Academy of Music Museum
Marylebone Road


Telephone: 020 7873 7443

To ensure the best service, please use these contact details rather than contacting staff directly.

Do you have an enquiry? Please read the helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below before contacting us.

Past students or professors

Are you looking to find out if someone studied at the Royal Academy of Music or taught here?

 • For students who left before 1945 please contact the Library

 • For students who left after 1945 please contact our Alumni Team or on 020 7873 7378

Verification of Royal Academy of Music qualifications

For verification of Royal Academy of Music qualifications gained, past results and references please contact the Registry at or on 020 7873 7393

Prizeboards and scholarships

Are you trying to find out if someone was awarded a named prize or scholarship at the Academy?

For those at the Academy before and up to 1959 please see the pdf here
For those who left after 1959 please contact the Library at

Collection image requests

For all queries about images of collection items please go to digitisation services in the first instance. If an image of a collection item does not yet exist, a special order for a fee may be made.


If your enquiry is regarding books, scores or manuscripts, these are not part of the Museum collections so please contact the Library directly at

Financial valuations

We cannot provide any financial valuations for any items, whether in our collections or belonging to anyone else.

Research visits

If you are a researcher and would like to view something from the Museum Collections in person please contact We can offer some visits for researchers to look at objects under supervision from a member of staff, by advance appointment only.

Donate an item to the Royal Academy of Music Museum

The Royal Academy of Music is very grateful to those who give artefacts and other important objects to our collection. The collections are used for research, learning, display enjoyment and performance by Academy students, staff and the public.

We are obliged to make sure that every acquisition is in line with our Collections Development Policy, and that we have the resources to conserve and store each item properly. As a result, it is not always possible for us to accept donations of items. However, in the event that we cannot accommodate your gift, we may be able to suggest an alternative recipient, so please do contact us if you have something you would like to give.

It may be that your item would be useful for work with education groups for example, in which case, with your permission, it would not be accessioned but would form part of our valued ‘handling’ collection.

How to offer items to our Collection

Please use our Prospective Donations Form to tell us about the item(s) you are considering donating to the Royal Academy of Music Museum. Copies of this document are available here. Contacting us in advance before bringing in your objects can help avoid disappointment. Please do not post the item itself.

Please provide as much information as you can (including images if possible) about the item(s) themselves and how you acquired them.

Our team of curators will assess your offer and contact you in due course. Decisions about acquisitions are made by a committee following formal proposals. Please note, the Royal Academy of Music receives many offers of material for the Collection and whilst we consider each offer it may take us some time to respond to you. The Museum will be in touch with you within approximately 10 working days (if your enquiry is sent to another department it may take longer). Please also note that during the month of August it may take longer to respond to you due to staff taking annual leave.

If you have an instrument you wish to gift to the Museum for use by Academy’s students, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that it will be continuously played by a student.

If you are looking to gift a book or manuscript to the Museum this falls under the Library’s area of expertise so we will pass on your offer to them.

Items we are unable to accept for our collections

We are grateful for every offer we receive, however we are unfortunately unable to accept every item, usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • We already have good examples of the item or items from the same period within the existing Collection
  • The item does not comply with our Collections Development Policy
  • The provenance of the item and or its current legal ownership is unknown or at risk of being disputed
  • We lack the space or resources to be able to accommodate the item
  • The item contains material that we do not collect for ethical or legal reasons
  • The item is in poor condition
  • The cost of transporting the item would be prohibitive

Please note that:

  • We are not able to accept an item on long-term or ‘permanent’ loan
  • An item with specific conditions attached will not be accepted
  • We cannot give the valuation of any item which is privately owned or part of the Museum collection
  • We cannot guarantee that any item donated will be displayed, but all items in our collection are available for viewing and research by appointment
  • We do not have an acquisitions budget so are unable to purchase items for the collection

Our Collections Development Policy outlines our priorities and provide guidance on what we can collect.

Contact us:

020 7873 7443


The Academy Museum offers one-hour weekly pre-booked group tours of the entire museum. Tours are free of charge but donations are welcomed. These general tours are designed for any groups with an interest in music, aged 16+ years. Numbers must not exceed 20 with 15 people recommended as a comfortable amount.

To book a tour please contact the Museum on 020 7873 7443 or

Museum opening hours

The Museum is open Monday to Friday 11.30am–5.30pm and on Saturday 12 noon–4pm.
The Museum is closed on Sundays, public holidays and the month of December.

Can I book a group visit to the Museum?

If you are visiting with a group please email and let us know the date, time, size of the group and the group’s name. We are a small museum and we are only able to accommodate occasional group bookings.