Since its foundation in 1822 the Academy has acquired or created important collections of instruments, artworks including paintings, sculpture and prints and drawings, memorabilia, manuscripts, letters, scores, performance materials and other objects.

The Academy’s collections also include items concerning the history of the Academy – student registers, concert programmes, prize boards, certificates, medals, commemorative photographs and more. 

Many of the collections are named after the individuals who generated, collected or donated them. Some of these individuals collected subjects such as a theme or person, or types of material such as instruments.


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Some collections and archives are divided between the Museum and Collections and the Library. These include materials relating to illustrious musicians connected to the Academy such as:


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Please contact the Library for:

  • Library collections, such as the Academy’s collections of manuscripts and early printed books
  • The Academy’s institutional archives
  • Many of the concert programmes, student registers, committee minute books and smaller archival collections relating to individual musicians



Concert programmes

You can search the McCann Collection of concert programmes at

More information (PDF): Concert Programmes