Students’ Union

Who are we?

We are an independent student body here to help represent the interests of our students at every level in the Academy. All current Academy students are part of the Students’ Union. The Union is overseen by the President of the Students’ Union, who sits on all major committees within the Academy. 

What do we do?

The President meets regularly with Academy staff to discuss issues and represent student views. We pride ourselves on having a healthy and open dialogue between staff and students and encourage students to get involved in our Students’ Union Committee. The Committee is a team of friendly students who support the President in various ways including organising social events, holiday parties, sports teams, student societies and charity events as well as serving as student representatives in Academy committee meetings.

How we help 

The Union does more than just plan parties and social activities- we can represent you or a group of students in meetings, answer questions about life as London student, tell you how to get student discounts to almost any concert or show, and provide a friendly atmosphere outside the practice room.  If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can!

International Students

Within the Students’ Union Committee, there is an International Student Representative.  This is typically a volunteer international student who can help new overseas students with particular issues related to studying in a foreign country. 

First Year Students (‘Freshers’)  

During the first week of term, the Students’ Union holds activities and parties each day to help you get to know the building and everyone in it. Keep your eye out for information on the ‘Freshers Fayre’ where you can pick up information about all the London orchestras, string shops, venues, student discounts and more!

Contact the Students’ Union

Phone: 020 7873 7337