Susan Collier


Junior Academy - Violin

Broadcasts on Radio 3 and Classic FM

Awarded an ARAM for outstanding services to the violin profession

Susan has a lifelong passion for communication through music. Inspired, at the age of three, by her first public performance as a violinist at the Royal College of Music, she has since dedicated herself to expertise in performance and directing.  She has put into practice skills of artistic interpretation, reading and playing to audiences, timing and sensitivity. She has a keen sense of how to convey musical expression, whether as a soloist, conductor, teacher, director, or as part of an orchestra or chamber group.

She devotes much time to organising and performing in fund-raising events, and is an accredited adjudicator for The British and International Federation of Festivals.  She teaches the violin to university students and pupils at the Royal Academy of Music Junior Department, where she also coaches chamber music. As Director of Performance at Mill Hill County High School, Susan conducts the Chamber Orchestra and directs the Barbershop. She freelances with various London-based ensembles and performs with the Silvestre Trio, as well as her son Jacob Collier. She has broadcast on Radio 3 and 4, and Classic FM.

Having studied at the Royal Academy of Music as a violin scholar, Susan became the youngest violin professor in their Junior Department and has since been awarded an ARAM for outstanding services to the violin profession.


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