Bent Sørensen

Composition - Visiting Professor of Composition

Celebrated Danish composer and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music

Writes for a variety of ensembles, most notably instrumental music and opera

Bent Sørensen was born in 1958, and received his musical education from Per Nørgård and Ib Nørholm amongst others. In the 1980s, he composed string quartets Alman (1984), Adieu (1986), Angels’ Music (1988), and Schreie und Melancholie (1994), while the 1990s were dominated by large-scale orchestral and vocal works: a major voice piece The Echoing Garden (1992) for soloists, choir and orchestra, violin concerto Sterbende Gärten (1993), Symphony (1996) and Piano Concerto La Notte (1998). He also wrote for ensembles during this time, composing concerto Birds and Bells for trombone and 14 instruments (1995) for Christian Lindberg.

Danish playwright Peter Asmussen was so taken by Bent's violin concerto that the two collaborated on an opera commission from the Danish Royal Opera. It took five years, but Under The Sky was finished in 2003. Bent received the prestigious Nordic Council Music Price in 1995 and the Wilhelm Hansen Composer Prize in 1999.


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