In December 2019 the Governing Body of the Academy announced that it was commissioning an independent review of its safeguarding policies and procedures.

The purpose of the review was to consider the Academy's institutional response to its safeguarding obligations.

The review panel, chaired by Professor Peter Kopelman, President of Development & Professor of Medicine, University of London, was convened in February 2020 and carried out a series of confidential interviews with Academy staff and students between March and September 2020.

Professor Kopelman said: ‘The panel would like to express our appreciation to the Academy’s Governing Body for inviting an independent review.

‘The review involved a detailed examination of the relevant Academy policies and procedures, national publications and consultations relevant to safeguarding in universities, and the panel interviewed more than 30 Academy staff and students.

‘Our report and recommendations result from these considerations and we are pleased that they have been agreed by the Governing Body and Senior Management Team.’