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Orchestrating Broadway

Professor Timothy Jones - Posted on 11.06.2015

Christopher Austin looking at some musicOrchestration, the art and science of finding the right colours and textures from the infinite combinations available in a large orchestra – requires very special abilities. We will all have our favourite examples of virtuoso orchestral writing  – whether by Ligeti, Respighi, Stravinsky, Debussy, Elgar, Wagner, Berlioz, Mozart, Bach or Rameau, to name some obvious candidates – appreciating just what skill and imagination is required for this particular art. Our professor of composition Christopher Austin is an absolute master, as the Principal wrote only last week.
Further evidence of Chris’s status as an orchestrator arrived just the other day, when we woke up on Monday to news (and some wonderful pictures from the press room) that his work for the Broadway version of ‘An American in Paris’ has been awarded a Tony Award. Many congratulations to Chris – and we look forward to his research into the workings of the symphony orchestra for many years to come.

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