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Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research

Professor Timothy Jones - Posted on 27.01.2015

Congratulations to Dr Amy Blier-Carruthers, Lecturer in Postgraduate Studies, on securing funding from the AHRC Digital Transformations scheme for the research project Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research which she will undertake with Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Andrew Bourbon and Emilie Capulet of the University of West London, and in collaboration with Mine Dogantan-Dack of the University of Oxford.

The project involves experimenting with different ways of recording classical music, exploring the results of different microphone set-ups, surround-sound possibilities, changes in perspective of balance and sonic picture, and even re-orchestration or re-composition in order to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by this art form which is by its very nature different to live performance.

This good news comes at a time of transformation in the role of recording within the Academy’s programmes of study and research environment. Building on the success of the Academy’s trail-blazing record label, this year sees the inauguration of new recording facilities, an expansion of the Academy’s team of specialist sound engineers, and the start of a major new building project which will include a recital-hall recording studio.


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