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Auditions 2016

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood CBE, Principal - Posted on 01.12.2016

Today we’re starting our London auditions for most studies starting at the Academy in September 2017. We’ve already held successful auditions across East Asia, where we were delighted to meet many very talented young musicians and to tell them more about the Academy ‘family’. But our auditions in London amount to by far the biggest part of our annual admissions cycle – and we’ll be welcoming hundreds of hopeful students into the Academy over the next two weeks.

If you’re preparing for an audition, don’t panic! We’re not looking for the ‘finished article’. It’s our job to look beyond what we hear and imagine your overall potential and how we might develop it. We are less impressed with what you know than what we think you’re capable of achieving. If you haven’t already done so, do read my auditions advice on this website for some more guidance. I can assure you that it’s based on quite a few years of experience!

Most of all, make sure that you try to enjoy yourself and savour the moment. We will do all we can to help you do your best. And remember, whatever the outcome, that the world is big and the possibilities endless.

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