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Philanthropy News - Posted on 07.06.2019

Your gift to the Principal’s Fund gives talented young musicians the help they need during their time at the Academy.

It is a special moment when the entire Academy community comes together around a single idea. This year, the idea was this: that every student who earns a place should be able to accept it, regardless of their family’s finances.

This February, to bring this vision into reality, we launched the Principal’s Fund. When it is fully funded, the fund will award scholarships based on merit, and bursaries based on need, up to and including 100% of a student’s fees or living costs. Exceptional students may receive both. In most cases this support will continue over the duration of study.

Since its launch, donors like you have made more than 180 gifts to support the fund. Your gifts will provide much needed funding to students like Ariel Lanyi, who is studying for a BMus in Piano: ‘When I came to the Academy in 2015, I knew that I would embark on a transformative journey. What I did not know is how much I would be changed by what the Academy had to offer me.’

‘Thanks to my scholarship, I have been able to grow in the most supportive, challenging, and ambitious environment. The individual tuition, chamber music coaching, lectures, and internal Academy concerts have all changed my way of thinking about music, exposed me to innumerable artistic and intellectual possibilities, and given me vital experience on the stage. I am so grateful for the support I have received.’

In 2019-20, we hope the fund will go from strength to strength. If you would like to learn more about the kinds of students your gifts will help, please visit Our thanks to you.

(Image credit: Chris Christodoulou)

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