Alumni Obituaries


Below are listings of alumni obituaries. If you have an item of news that you would like to be published here, please email

Notified in 2020

Sylvia Simon ARAM, May 2020 aged 90
Studied singing with Evelyn Langston and piano with Russell Chester, 1949-55

Fiona Cameron FRAM, April 2020 aged 89
Studied piano with Harold Craxton and violin with Marjorie Lavers, 1948-53

Enid Finch, April 2020 aged 86
Studied piano with Percy Waller and piano accompaniment with John Wills and Rex Stephens, 1947-55

Mary Maudwyn Hermine De Silva Wijeyeratne, April 2020 aged 82
Studied piano with Harold Craxton and Guy Jonson, 1958-60

On completion of her studies she returned to Ceylon where she taught piano and music and gave recitals on Radio Ceylon. In 1973 Hermine migrated to the UK and continued teaching piano and music in schools in London until her retirement in 2004.  

Jean Middlemiss, April 2020 aged 94
Studied viola with James Lockyer and piano with R. Walker, 1942-46

Roxane Houston, April 2020 aged 100
Studied singing with Laurence Holmes and composition with Montague Phillips, 1946-49

As well as oratorio and concert performances in Britain, Europe and Asia, Roxane sang in opera at Glyndebourne, Covent Garden and the Edinburgh festival in a career spanning thirty years. She had a special interest in chamber music and was also a leading exponent of the French vocal repertoire. A founder member of the Association of Teachers of Singing, she taught in London and Aldeburgh since her retirement from singing. 

Martin Loveday, April 2020 aged 62
Studied cello with Florence Hooton, 1976-80

Ian MacPherson, April 2020 aged 84
Studied piano with Leslie England and composition with Manuel Frankell, 1952-59

Hugh Ockendon, January 2020 aged 72
Studied composition with Patrick Savill, 1965-9

Lydia Jenkins, January 2020 aged 32
Studied Musical Theatre with Ann James, 2009-10

David Dorward, January 2020 aged 86
Studied piano with Patrick Cory and composition with Manuel Frankell, 1951-60

Maryse Chome, February 2020 aged 90
Studied cello with Alexander Or and piano with John Palmer, 1947-52

Professor Hamish Milne FRAM, February 2020 aged 80
Studied piano and taught at the Academy for many years

Notified in 2019

Anne Cynthia Allan, 18 August 2019 aged 78
Studied piano with Patrick Cory and cello with Gregory Baron, 1959-62

Jennifer Mary Sharp ARAM, 24 August 2019 aged 84
Studied piano with Guy Johnson and clarinet with Montague Phillips, 1951-56

Hannah Marcinowicz, 25 August 2019 aged 36
Studied saxophone, 2001-04

Lionel Phillips LRAM, aged 94
Studied clarinet with George Anderson, piano with Russell Chester and composition with Ivor Foster, 1946-49 

Ruth Powrie, 25 July 2019 aged 93
Studied singing with F. Percival and piano with Douglas Hawkridge, 1945-7

Margaret Humphreys, aged 85
Studied harp with Gwendoline Mason and piano with Midred Litherland, 1953-57

Tony Parsons ARAM, 28 May 2019 aged 80
Studied trombone with Sidney Langston and piano with Joan Last, 1957-59

Georgina Zellan-Smith FRAM, 3 July 2019 aged 87
Studied piano with Myers Foggin and viola with Winifred Copperwheat, 1954-59

Derek Holman FRAM, 20 May 2019 aged 88
Studied organ with William McKie and piano with York Bowen, 1948-54

Edward Kelsey ARAM, 24 April 2019 aged 88
Studied speech and drama with Alban Jeynes, 1951-54

Tony Osborne ARAM, 30 March 2019 aged 71
Studied double bass with John Walton and composition with Richard Stoker, 1966-69

Paula Bott ARAM
Studied singing with Henry Cummings and Joy Mammen 1974-80

Lynton Black ARAM
Studied singing with Henry Cummings and Rex Stephens 1984

Freda Hart ARAM, 30 December 2018 aged 99
Studied singing with Frederick Austin and Rosina Buckman and piano with Sybil Barlow 1937-1946

Daryl Dragon, 2 January aged 76
Studied piano with Kyla Greenbaum and Eric Greene and double bass with John Walton 1960-61

John Joubert FRAM, 7 January aged 91
Studied composition with Howard Ferguson and Theodore Holland and piano with Russell Chester 1946-1950

Notified in 2018

Thomas Baptiste, 6 December aged 89
Studied singing with Bruce Boyce in 1961

Jeanne-Marie Dolmetsch, 2 December aged 76
Studied piano with Pamela Petchy and violin with David Martin 1960-64

John Streets MBE FRAM, 28 November aged 90
Studied piano and viola 1949-54
Taught as Professor of Piano Accompaniment in 1962 before becoming Director of the Opera Department 1963-84. He served as Director of Post-Graduate studies 1984-1993. 

Levine Andrade ARAM, 20 November aged 64
Studied violin with Frederick Grinke and viola with Max Gilbert 1971-75

Nans Wheldon, 15 November 2018 aged 90
Studied harp, singing and piano 1945-49

Betty Collick (nee Sagon), 12 November 2018 aged 97
Studied singing with Sybil Barlow and piano with Roy Henderson 1938-45

Peter Partridge, 4 October 2018 aged 76
Studied organ with Caleb Trevor and piano with Robert Edwards 1961-64

Simon Milliken, 31 August 2018 aged 60
Studied double bass with Robin McGee 1981-82

Jean Grew (nee Grant), 8 August 2018 aged 84
Studied piano with Wesley Roberts and singing with Jean MacKenzie 1951-55

Jeannette McDonald (nee Pearson), 4 July 2018 aged 100
Studied violin and piano in the late 1930's

Richard West, 26 May 2018 aged 80
Studied clarinet with John Davies 1957-61

Juliet Smith (nee Clutterbuck), 8 June 2018 aged 88
Studied singing and violin 1947-51

Nigel Shipway, 2 May 2018 aged 65
Studied timpani and percussion 1970-74

Hazel Gedge, 23 February 2018 aged 80
Studied organ and piano 1956-60

Robert Simans, 6 March 2018 aged 80
Studied composition with Norman Demuth and violin with Beatrix Marr and Robert Masters 1954-61

David Ashman, 6 March 2018 aged 58
Studied singing with Kenneth Bowen 1984-87

Cyril LLoyd, 20 February 2018 aged 67
Studied composition with Cornelius Cardew and Paul Patterson 1975-78

Octavio Dos Santos Neto, February 2018, aged 52
Studied singing with Kenneth Bowen and Joy Mammen 1990-93

Anne Osborne, 20 January 2018 aged 66
Studied piano with Hamish Milne 1978-79

John Machin, 18 January 2018 aged 48
Studied jazz percission with Trevor Tomkins 1991-94

Notified in 2017

Jane Hawkins, 27 November 2017 aged 67
Studied piano and cello 1969-72.

Paul Buckmaster, 7 November 2017 aged 71
Studied cello with Vivian Joseph 1963-67.
Grammy Award-winning arranger, composer and conductor.

John Pyatt, 15 September 2017 aged 66
Studied organ with Arnold Richardson 1969-1972.

Sir John Manduell FRAM, 25 October 2017 aged 89
Studied composition with Lennox Berkeley 1954-57.
Former Principals of the Royal Northern College of Music.

Pauline Stuart, 30 August 2017 aged 92
Taught in the Drama Department of the RAM from 1952 until it was closed in 1962, and subsequently was Opera Producer and Professor of Dramatic Training for the Opera Course, during the 1960s. 

Jeremy Dale-Roberts, 11 July 2017 aged 83
Studied composition with William Alwyn and Peter Latham 1952-59

Sylvia Wallington, 25 September 2017 aged 57
Studied violin with Emanuel Hurwitz 1977-81

Graham Nash, September 2017 aged 65
Studied Flute and Conducting 1970-74
Former music director of London City Ballet.

Juan Carlos Cadenas, August 2017 aged 50
Studied cello with Douglas Cummings 1986-88

Jess Jameson, July 2017 aged 89
Studied piano with Claude Pollard 1945-48

Kevin Potton, 2 July 2017 aged 53
Studied singing with Patricia Clark 1985-89

Roy Teed, 17 June 2017 aged 89
Studied composition with Lennox Berkeley 1949-53
Former member of RAM staff (1966-92)

Kyla Greenbaum, 16 June 2017 aged 95
Studied piano with Percy Waller (class of 1942)
Renowned concert pianist. Obituary in The Times.

(Audrey) Bettina Houlder, 14 May 2017 aged 89
Studied piano with Max Pirani.

Sheila Hawkins (nee Spencer), 24 April 2017
Studied viola - class of 1950.

Keith Harvey, 28 April aged 79
Studied cello with Douglas Cameron in the 1950s
Former member of the Gabrieli String Quartet

Dorothea Thomas (nee Bostock), 18 April 2017 aged 100
Studied piano with John Pauer 1934-40
[until her death - four days after her 100th birthday - Dorothea was the Academy's oldest living alumna]. Obituary

Gordon Langford, 18 April aged 86
Studied composition with Norman Demuth 1947-50

Nona Liddell, 18 April aged 89
Studied with Paul Beard 1943-47
Founder member and leader of the London Sinfonietta from 1970 to 1994

Robert Aldwinckle, 20 March aged 71
Studied Harpsichord with Geraint Jones

Jeremy Gott, April 2017 aged 87
Studied piano with Claude Pollard 1946-49

David Angel, 10 April 2017 aged 62
Studied violin with Frederick Grinke 1971-75
Member of the Maggini String Quartet

Albert Eskinazi, 11 February 2017 aged 92
Studied bassoon with Richard Newton 1950-51

Blanche Mundlak, February 2017 aged 92
Studied violin - Class of 1949

Christine Burden (nee Waple), 1 March 2017 aged 84
Studied organ with C H Trevor 1953-57

Peter Uppard, 31 January 2017 aged 73
Studied piano with Gordon Green and Frederick Jackson 1962-69 and former RAM piano professor

Roger Williams, January 2017 aged 62
Studied trombone with Harold Nash 1973-77

Notified in 2016

Ita Herbert, 20 December 2016 aged 78
Studied violin and piano from 1957-61

David Stone, 12 November 2016 aged 94
Studied violin and composition from 1945-48
Composer and Educationalist (former Principal of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama)

Brian Lincoln ARAM, 18 October 2016 aged 83
Studied organ from 1951-56

William Petter, 10 October 2016 aged 34
Studied singing from 2007-09

Glenda Simpson, 27 September 2016 aged 65
Studied singing from 1969-73
Co-founder of the Camerata of London.

Phyllida Stewart-Roberts OBE, CVO, 12 August 2016 aged 82
Studied Speech & Drama from 1951-54
Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex

Anne Balfour-Fraser, 28 July 2016 aged 92
Studied Singing from 1945-50
Award-winning documentary film maker

Judith Wallace (nee Dennison), 6 August 2016 aged 63
Studied singing from 1971-76

Paul Robertson, 26 July 2016 aged 63
Studied violin from 1969-73
Leader of the Medici String Quartet

Paul Parkinson, 2 July 2016 aged 62
Studied composition from 1973-78
Specialist Adviser Music for the British Council

David Gedge, 2 July 2016 aged 77
Studied organ from 1957-62
Organist of Brecon Cathedral

Melanie Daiken, 25 June 2016 aged 70
Former Head of Composition, RAM
Studied piano and composition 1963-66

Royston Nash, April 2016 aged 82
Former Director of Music in the Royal Marines
Studied conducting and trumpet 1956–57

Lady (Rosalie) Habgood, 21 March 2016 aged 87 (wife of the former Archbishop of York)
Studied violin and piano 1947-51

Peter James, 14 February 2016 aged 75
Warden (latterly Vice-Principal) of the Academy 1983–1994

Christopher Davies, 2 February 2016 aged 53
Studied french horn with Nicholas Busch 1981–85

Joan Hoar (nee Watson), 19 January 2016 aged 89
Studied singing with Frederick Austin and Astra Desmond, 1949–1955

Sarah Jones, 3 January 2016 aged 78
Studied piano with Robin Wood 1956–61

Jasper Thorogood, 23 January 2016 aged 72
Studied organ with Arnold Richardson 1961–65

Hester Dickson, 10 December 2015 aged 91
Studied piano with Harold Craxton 1945–47. Sister of cellist Joan Dickson and mother of pianist Malcolm Martineau. An online obituary can be found here.

Philip Powell, 9 December 2015 aged 62
Studied Clarinet with Georgina Dobree

Notified in 2015

Hester Dickson, 10 December 2015 aged 91
Studied piano with Harold Craxton from 1945-47. Sister of cellist, Joan Dickson and mother of pianist, Malcolm Martineau. An online obituary can be found here.

Tim Lawrence, 7 December 2015 aged 27
Tenor with Bergen National Opera, tragically killed in a skiing accident. Read more here.

Heljo Sepp, ARAM, 27 November 2015 aged 93
Eminent Estonian concert pianist who studied with Vivian Langrish from 1938.

Megan Brady, Hon ARAM, 24 November 2015
Academy receptionist and telephone operator from 1961 to 1992. She also arranged wonderful floral displays around the building across the years and into her retirement. Funeral at the Chapel of St Francis, Hickey's Almshouses, Sheen Road, Richmond TW9 1XB on Tuesday 8th December at 10.30.

Audrey Ellis (nee Reynolds), October 2015 aged 83
Studied piano with Madeleine Windsor from 1950-53. An online obituary can be found here.

Sister Andre Dullaghan, ARAM, 15 September 2015 aged 77
Studied violin with Trevor Williams from 1973-76. Obituary to follow.

Sir David Willcocks CBE, MC, Hon RAM, 17 September 2015 aged 95
Director of the Royal College of Music 1974-84. An online obituary can be found here.

Lord Moser KC, CBE, Hon FRAM, 4 September 2015 aged 92
Member of the Governng Body 1967-79. An online obituary can be found here.

Lady Fitzwalter (Margaret Deedes), 1 September 2015 aged 92
Studied piano with Edgar Carr from 1942-47. An online obituary can be found here. A memorial service will take place on Friday 27th November at 2.30pm in Canterbury Cathedral.

Penelope Massey Stuart (nee Lynex) ARAM, 26 August 2015 aged 78.
Studied cello with Douglas Cameron from 1954-58. Former member of the Junior Academy staff.

John Scott Hon RAM, 12 August 2015 aged 59
Former member of the organ faculty. An online obituary can be found here.

Denis Vigay, 27 June 2015 aged 89
Studied cello with Cedric Sharpe from 1948-50, and was appointed sub-professor of the Academy in 1948. An online obituary can be found here.

Dr Raymond Sturdy, 30 May 2015 aged 64
Studied organ from 1968-72 with Michael Austin. An online obituary is available here.

Helena Maude Colquhoun, née Helen Piena, 4 June 2015 aged 99
Studied piano with Harold Craxton from 1933-39.

Peter Cropper FRAM, 29 May 2015, aged 69
Violinist at the Academy from 1963-67 studying with David Martin. Chamber musician and leader of the Lindsay Quartet for 40 years. Tom Service has written an obituary in The Guardian.

Christopher Regan FRAM, 26 May 2015, aged 85
Career of 43 years at the Academy included the roles of Director of Studies 1973-88, and Dean 1989-92. An appreciation has been written by Christopher Field here.

John Antoniadis ARAM, 8 April 2015, aged 73
Studied piano with Harold Craxton from 1958-61. An online obituary can be found here.

John Barrie Tysall, 2 April 2015, aged 87
At the Academy 1944-48, studied violin with Sydney Robjohns and Harold Fairhurst.

Anne Bosworth-Smith (née Ree), 12 March 2015, aged 88
Studied piano with Wesley Roberts and composition with Harry Farjeon from 1943-48.

Jean Margaret Starmer (née Watts), 3 March 2015, aged 91
At the Academy from 1941-45. Studied piano with Lilian Smith and violin with Marjorie Lavers.

Lady Mary Verney, 20 February 2015, aged 89
Studied piano with Harold Craxton from 1945-49. An online obituary is available here.

Sydney Humphreys FRAM, 16 February 2015, aged 88
Studied violin with Denis Matthews from 1945-1950 and was made sub-professor at the Academy in 1949. An obituary can be found online here.

Sheila Boulton, 30 January 2015, aged 78
Studied piano at the Academy from 1954-1957 with Michael Head. Winner of the Vivian Langrish Prize in 1957. The funeral will be held on Friday 6th March in Worcester. Please contact Richard Quine if you wish to attend.

Sheila Dunbar, 12 January 2015, aged 91
Studied cello at the Academy with Herbert Walenn and Alyson Dalrymple and became sub-professor of cello in 1946. Winner of several Academy prizes.

Hector Quine, Hon RAM, 1 January 2015, aged 88 (RAM staff)
Former professor of guitar at the Academy. Read a tribute by Roland Gallery here and an obituary by Head of Guitar, Michael Lewin here.

Notified in 2014

Jose Feghali ARAM, 9 December 2014, aged 53 (class of 1982)
Concert pianist and recitalist; student of Christopher Elton. Winner of several prizes including Dudley and Van Cliburn competitions.

Jill Mascall, 4 December 2014, aged 62 (class of 1977)
Studied singing with Joy Mammen, Henry Cummings and Constance Shacklock.

Eileen Lawrence (née McCarthy), 17 November 2014 aged 101 (class of 1935)
Our eldest alumna, Eileen Lawrence died a few weeks before her 102nd birthday. A memorial service is planned; a date to be advised.

Ian Kellam, November 2014, aged 81 (class of 1956)
Studied Composition with Howard Ferguson. An obituary can be found here.

Robin Miller ARAM, died November 2014, aged 72 (class of 1965)
Studied oboe with Neil Black and piano with Russell Chester. Principal oboist with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra 1976-1989 and founder member of the Nash Ensemble. A short obituary can be found here.

Ivey Dickson OBE, FRAM, 8 November 2014, aged 95 (class of 1943)
Studied piano with Vivian Langrish and won several prizes while at the Academy. More biographical information can be found here and a short obituary here. The funeral will take place at Randalls Park Crematorium, Leatherhead at 5pm on Friday 21st November. 

Bram Wiggins, 18 October 2014, aged 92 (class of 1947)
Renowned trumpeter and staff member at the Academy. A brief obituary can be found here.

Margaret Harrison, 30 September 2014, aged 89 (class of 1949)
Studied violin with Robert Masters and piano with Russell Chester.

Doreen Morgan nee Abson, 26 September 2014, aged 88 (class of 1949)
Doreen studied singing under Astra Desmond and piano under Mildred Litherland.

Sheila Tracy, 30 September 2014, aged 80 (class of 1956)
Sheila studied piano under Eric Grant and trombone under Sidney Langston. A full obituary has been published on the Telegraph website

Susan Atherton, 24 September 2014, aged 37 (class of 2003)
Mezzo-soprano; studied under Iain Ledingham and Beatrice Unsworth.

Lynne Davies, 19 September 2014, aged 56 (class of 1985)
Lynne studied singing under Patricia Clark and Ilse Wolf. A short obituary can be found here.

Mary Rose Langfield, September 2014, born 1959 (class of 1984)
Mary Rose studied singing under Patricia Clark and piano under Peter Uppard.

Gavin Brown, 13 August 2014, aged 89
Former Director of Junior Academy.

Isolda Avery Diana Slattery (née Brookman), 8 August 2014, aged 95 (class of 1945)
Studied piano with Percy Waller, organ with Caleb Trevor and voice with Evelyn Langston.

James Iliff FRAM, 11 July 2014, aged 91 (class of 1947)
Alumnus and former Professor of Harmony and Composition at the Academy (1957-1988). James studied with Harold Craxton, piano, and William Alwyn, composition. He was an inspirational teacher and distinctive though not prolific composer. Also a remarkable painter and keen amateur botanist, recording the local flora in Wales and studying dwarf Andean Opuntias.

Barbara Rawlings (née Allen), 22 May 2014, aged 84
Barbara studied piano performance and composition under Harold Craxton and Greville Cooke. An online obituary can be found here.

Douglas Cummings FRAM, 14 May 2014, aged 67 (class of 1965)
Student of Douglas Cameron (cello) and Mildred Litherland (piano), Douglas went on to a successful performing career including serving as Principal Cello of the London Symphony Orchestra. Professor of cello at the Academy. A short obituary can be found here.

Robert Masters FRAM, April 2014, aged 97
Former violin student and professor at the Academy. Co-Founder of the Yehudi Menuhin School. An article about Robert was posted on the Alumni Network website in 2012.

Helen Drake Milne Blake (nee Swan), 17 April 2014, aged 87
Studied piano at the Academy from 1944-1948 with Wesley Roberts.

Anna Reynolds, 24 February 2014, aged 83 (class of 1950)
Mezzo-Soprano; studied with F Percival (singing) and Vivian Langrish (piano). A full obituary has been published on the Herald Scotland website.

Elizabeth Diana Stallard, 14 January 2014, aged 87 (class of 1947)
Student of Sidney Robjohns (violin), Wesley Roberts (piano) and Harold Craxton. Musician and former teacher at Heathfield and Queen Anne's School, Caversham.

Peter Francis ARAM, 25 January 2014, aged 87 (class of 1952)
Peter studied bassoon at the Academy with Richard Newton and piano with Mildred Litherland. He went on to a successful performing career, firstly at Sadlers's Wells Opera 1952-53, followed by the London Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestras. He was professor of contra-bassoon at the Academy from 1981-86.

Steve McManus, 20 January 2014, aged 48 (class of 1988)
Steve studied double bass with Robin McGee and went on to a successful performing career in the West End. He passed away after a long battle with cancer. There is an online obituary in The Stage.

Notified in 2013

Dale Bartlett, 20 December 2013, aged 77 (class of 1958)
Dale studied piano at the Academy with Vivian Langrish and went on to a career as accompanist and chamber musician. Pianist of the Hertz Trio and official accompanist for the Montreal International Competition. The Montreal Gazette has published an obituary here.

Rae Woodland (HonRAM), 13 December 2013, aged 91
Distinguished opera singer and former professor of singing at the Academy. There is an online obituary on The Guardian website.

Laura Skuce, 24 November 2013, aged 52 (class of 1981)
Laura studied oboe with Janet Craxton and Evelyne Barbirolli and piano with Margaret MacDonald at the Academy, but went on to develop a successful career in singing.

John White FRAM, 1 December 2013, aged 75 (class of 1963)
Studied viola at the Academy with Watson Forbes. John was a viola professor at the Academy from 1976-1996 and from 1984-1990 was Head of Instrumental Studies. He was one of the founder members of the Alberni Quartet. There is an obituary on The Strad website.

Beryl Auty ARAM, 16 October 2013, aged 73 (class of 1962)
Studied violin at the Academy with Frederick Grinke and piano with Vivian Langrish and Alexander Kelly. Freelance violinist and former leader of the English National Ballet orchestra. The funeral will be held at 12pm on 6th November at St John the Evangelist, Bexley Village, followed by a cremation at 1pm and then a wake at The Kings Head Public House, Bexley High Street. All welcome.

Anne Collis ARAM, 15 October 2013, aged 70 (class of 1965)
Anne studied percussion at the Academy with James Blades and piano with Madeleine Windsor. She pursued a successful career as a percussionist alongside work in orchestral management, and was for many years Manager and Artistic Director of the National Symphony Orchestra. An obituary can be found here.

Roger Best Hon ARAM, 8 October 2013, aged 77
Former viola professor at the Academy and member of the Alberni Quartet. There is an obituary here:

Brian Tasker, October 2013, aged 80 (class of 1955)
Studied piano with Guy Jonson and viola with Lance Lange and James Lockyer. Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at Brinsford College and Principal Lecturer at Northumberland College.

Joan Marjorie Watt (née Hudson), 27 September 2013, aged 88
Student of piano, 1947-51; bronze and silver medallist. Born in Kettering, Joan and her family moved to Croydon when she was around two and a half years old and attended Croydon High School between 1931 and 1942. There, she was taught the piano, her great love in life, by Dorothy P. Hodson, herself a pupil at the Academy under Tobias Matthay in the same class as Irene Scharrer and Myra Hess. After leaving school and even before entering the Academy, Joan herself had had private pupils from 1943 onwards and gained the L.R.A.M. teaching diploma in 1946. At the Academy, Joan studied firstly under Victor Booth and then, after his death, under John Pauer, both of whom she found to be inspirational teachers. After leaving the Academy, she followed a career in teaching music and piano, firstly for three years at St Margaret’s, Bushey, 1951-4. Then, after her marriage to Dr John Murray Watt in 1956 when she moved to the north-west, she taught at Stockport Grammar School from 1969 for around twenty years, after which she continued teaching privately for some time. Music also featured prominently in her family life; she and her husband, a keen amateur musician, played in an informal piano quintet with other friends and until her final illness, Joan would always find some time nearly every day to practice on her beloved Blüthner grand piano.

Lindsay Cooper, 18 September 2013, aged 62 (class of 1970)
Lindsay studied bassoon at the Academy with Gwydion Brooke and worked freelance as a bassoonist and composer. A Memorial Service is planned at some stage in the future: if you would like to be kept up to date on those plans, please email

Malcolm Russell FRCO, ARAM July 2013, aged 67 (class of 1969)
Freelance organist, specialising in authentic fingering. Founder of the East Anglian Organ Academy. 

Nicholas Whitfield, 29 May 2013, aged 33 (class of 2006)
Nicholas was a student of Stephen Hill and Ann James (Musical Theatre). Head of Drama at Christ the King Sixth Form College, he also performed regularly in professional and semi-professional musicals, operas, and recitals.

Emma Dennis, 22 June 2013, aged 43 (class of 2000)
Emma was a student of Julie Kennard at the Academy from 1998-2000. Whilst a student she won several prizes and performed in many concerts. Emma went on to have a successful solo career.

Hugh Maguire FRAM, died on 14 June 2013, aged 86
Professor of Violin at the Academy in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Allegri String Quartet, and founding conductor of the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland. An obituary has been published in The Telegraph.

Derek Honner FRAM, died on 3 May 2013 aged 91
Academy professor 1954–1987. An obituary has been published in The Times.

Harold Nash FRAM, 26 August 1931 - 24 April 2013 (class of 1951)
Harold studied trombone and piano at the Academy, going on to become Head of Brass alongside a successful professional career. Harold died aged 81. An obituary can be found here.

Carmel Kaine FRAM, 22 March 1937 - 21 April 2013 (class of 1959)
Carmel studied violin and piano before becoming professor of violin at the Academy, a post which she held between 1979 and 1990. She died aged 76.

Deryck Wareing LRAM, 3 December 1944 - 20 April 2013 (class of 1967)
Deryck studied violin and piano at the Academy between 1963 and 1967. He died aged 68.

Olive Wilhelmina Mahoney Lewin ARAM, 28 September 1927 - 10 April 2013 (class of 1949)
Olive studied piano and violin at the Academy, becoming known throughout her career as a pioneering music researcher and as the founder of the Jamaican Folk Singers. A tribute can be found in The Gleaner.  

Margaret Christine Long (née Cyphus), 23 September 1928 - 8 March 2013 (class of 1951)
Margaret received a scholarship to study piano and organ at the Academy, and after graduating in 1951, worked as an organist before going on to become Director of Music at Bolton School. She died at the age of 84.

John L Davies FRAM, 12 February 1918 - 24 February 2013 (class of 1950)
Former Head of Woodwind at the Academy, John studied clarinet under George Anderson from 1946-1950.

Janet Mary Newman, 18 October 1946 - 21 February 2013 (class of 1968)
Janet studied piano at the Academy and went on to become Head of Music at Midhurst Grammar School in West Sussex.

John Railton, MBE, FRAM, 23 February 1929 - 19 February 2013 (class of 1949)
John studied piano and organ at the Academy from 1946-1949. He was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to music. An obituary can be found in The Guardian.

Joyce Mary Brooks (née Peach), 1905 - 18 February 2013 (class of 1927)
Joyce died on 18 February, at the age of 107. She studied elocution and piano at the Academy, graduating in 1927. Her family have written a tribute to celebrate her life, which can be found in This Is Kent.

Frances Andrade (née Shorney), 22 February 1964 - 24 January 2013 (class of 1986)
It is with deepest regret that we announce the death of Frances Andrade. Frances studied violin at the Academy between 1982-1986. 

Margaret Caroline Travis (née Caulton), 24 January 1946 - 19 January 2013
Margaret died aged 66, having studied the piano and clarinet at the Academy between 1964 and 1967.

Peter Mountain FRAM, 3 October 1923 - 11 January 2013 (class of 1943)
Peter studied violin at the Academy between 1940 and 1943, and went on to become a professional violinist and head of strings at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. He died at the age of 89. An obituary can be found at Herald Scotland.

David Farrell, died 3 January 2013 aged 93
David's obituary can be read on the American Society of Picture Professionals website.

2012 and before

Lt Ronald James Patrick Kempton, 11 March 1936 - 25 December 2012 (class of 1973)
Lt Kempton, a former conducting graduate, died on 25 December 2012 at the age of 76. He became a Bandmaster, and later a Director of Music in the Royal Marines Band Service.

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE, 29 March 1936 - 24 December 2012
Sir Richard studied composition at the Academy and later with Boulez in Paris. He went on to become a world-famous composer, recognised widely for his film-scores, serialism and jazz idioms, among other things. His works include Murder on the Orient Express (1974), Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), three symphonies, and an opera. His film-scores earned him two Oscar nominations, and in 1998 he was knighted for his contribution to British music.

Nancy Wilkins-Oppler, died 30 November 2012 (class of 1949)
Nancy studied Violin and Singing at the Academy between 1946 and 1949.

Nino Abou, 19 December 1977 - 13 November 2012 (class of 2007)
Nino, a former Musical Theatre graduate, died on 13 November 2012 at the age of 34, in Caracas, Venezuela. His most recent concert, "Let it be Broadway", was part of a series of concerts in preparation for the launch of his first CD, in which all songs were written by Nino.

Stephen Daw, 28 May 1944 - 27 October 2012
Stephen studied at the Academy with Lennox Berkeley (composition) and George Rogers (piano) as a postgraduate student from 1966-1967. To read Stephen's full obituary, click here.

Kieron Moore, 21 February 1963 - 21 October 2012 
Kieron studied oboe at the Academy between 1981 and 1985 and went on to become Principal Oboe at London Symphony Orchestra. A tribute can be found on the LSO website.

Geraldine Mucha, 1917 - 12 October 2012
Geraldine studied composition at the Academy during WWII. An obituary can be found in Radio Prague.

Professor Francis Burt, 1926 - 3 October 2012
Professor Burt studied composition at the Academy between 1948 and 1951. An obituary can be found in Universal Edition.

Theresia Van Hellenberg Hubar, 21 October 1957 - 25 September 2012 (class of 1980)
Theresia Van Hellenberg Hubar was a harpist and pianist, based in Holland.

George Hurst HonRAM, 20 May 1926 - 15 September 2012
Visiting Professor to the Conducting Department, George Hurst, died on 15 September 2012 at the age of 86. See a tribute from the Director of Conducting and the Principal.

Jean Allister FRAM, 26 February 1932 - 11 July 2012 (class of 1956)
Leading Contralto singer Jean Allister died on 11 July 2012. The Times has published her obituary.

Gareth Walters FRAM, 27 December 1928 - 31 May 2012 (class of 1952)
Gareth Walters, composer, BBC Radio 3 producer, Academy teacher and concerts organiser, died on 31 May 2012 at the age of 83. The Independent has published his obituary.

Alice Demske-Hansen, 22 August 1978 - 9 May 2012 (class of 2000)
Alice Frances Demske Hansen died on 9 May 2012 at the age of 33. The Daily Herald Newspaper has published her obituary.

Michael Procter, 1 April 1951 - 3 May 2012 (class of 1976)
Michael Procter, leading facilitator in the field of Renaissance sacred polyphony, died on 3 May at the age of 61. A memorial service will be held on 2 November. A tribute can be found here.

Alan Hacker OBE FRAM, 30 September 1938 - 16 April 2012 (class of 1959)
Alan Hacker, former Academy clarinet teacher and student died on 16 April 2012 at the age of 73.

Roy Jowitt, 23 December 1938 - 6 April 2012 (class of 1960)
Roy Jowitt, who died on 6 of April 2012, was Principal Clarinet with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) from 1968 to 1990. During this period he played for many of the great conductors including Stokowski, Kubelik, Celibidache, Ormandy, Ozawa, Jochum and Böhm. Roy made hundreds of commercial recordings as solo clarinet for Abbado, Previn, Kertesz, Bernstein, Boulez and Colin Davis, to name but a few. His solo performances with the LSO included Stravinky's Ebony Concerto at the Royal Festival Hall with Roszdestvensky conducting. Roy Jowitt recorded over a hundred film soundtracks including the John Williams scores for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman.

Molly Irene Palmer (neé Marks), 11 April 1915 - 22 March 2012 (class of 1934)
Molly Irene Palmer, mother of former Academy Librarian, Bridget Palmer, died on 22 March 2012 at the age of 96.

Richard Turner, 30 July 1984 - 11 August 2011 (class of 2006)
Jazz trumpeter Richard Turner died on 11 August 2011. On 10 July 2012, the Royal Academy of Music held a concert in his memory, and launched a jazz scholarship in his name. For his obituaries please see the tribute from Head of Jazz, Nick Smart and

Joyce O. Maguire, 4 November 1936 - 30 June 2008 (class of 1957)
Pianist Joyce O. Maguire, who passed away on 30 June 2008, was a teacher, accompanist of the Vancouver Bach Choir for 40 years, Manager of the Vancouver Bach Children's Chorus and Youth Choirs, and the former Executive Director of the BC Choral Federation.