Composers’ Project: Violin and Piano free

Monday, 12.03.2018 19:00, David Josefowitz Recital Hall

Tickets: Free, no tickets required

Michael Foyle and Huw Watkins give a recital of six new pieces for violin and piano written especially for them.

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Piano Recital free

Tuesday, 23.01.2018 13:05, David Josefowitz Recital Hall

Ignas Maknickas and Bo Lyu perform works by Chopin and Alvidas Remesa in this free lunchtime concert

Ancestral Voices: At Home with Chopin free

Tuesday, 27.02.2018 14:30 - 15:30, Museum Piano Gallery

Using the Museum’s Érard and Pleyel pianos, Roy Howat and Dr Elena Vorotko demonstrate how the characteristics of these instruments throw light on Chopin’s treatment of dynamics, articulation and pedal

Listening to Recordings: The Kolisch Quartet and the Second Viennese School free

Friday, 02.03.2018 14:30 - 16:00, Museum Piano Gallery

Professor Neil Heyde, in conversation with Daniel-Ben Pienaar, examines the remarkable recorded legacy of the Kolisch Quartet