Student Charter 2017–18

The Academy’s mission, as defined in its Strategic Plan

The Academy will enhance its global reputation as a distinctive provider of musical training at the highest international, professional standards. To accomplish this:

  • It will admit students of the highest quality and engage and retain staff of the highest calibre.
  • It will maintain and enhance programmes of study with a broad and diverse range of principal study disciplines, reconciling traditional art forms with the evolving performance arts profession.
  • It will maintain and develop its programme of artistic events, as a means of preserving and enriching musical culture and enhancing the experience of its students.
  • It will encourage musical research through practice, scholarship and the creation of new music.
  • It will develop its collaborative links with the music profession and industries and with other HEIs nationally and internationally.
  • The Academy will aim to maximise its public benefit by recruiting talented, ambitious students and by producing graduates who are able to contribute fully to society in the UK and internationally by delivering a programme of high‐quality public events, and by enriching Britain’s musical culture.
  • It will aim to widen access to higher education by enhancing its outreach activities, by developing its lifelong learning provision; by developing the work of the Junior Academy, and by broadening recruitment to its programmes of study.

To achieve these aims, the Academy will conserve, enhance and use efficiently and effectively its financial, physical and human resources. It will operate effective support and administrative systems. It will develop its patronage network and private funding base to ensure that its operations are adequately resourced and its endowment is increased.

The Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Academy of Music Students Union have worked together on a Students' Charter to articulate this relationship and the standards to which the Academy and its students aspire.

The Academy’s Student Charter sets out the expectations and aspirations of both Students and Staff at the Royal Academy of Music. The institution is proud of its clear, friendly and professional lines of communication between all parties. We believe that this generates the environment for a profitable studentship and the necessary support to help you fulfil your potential. Over your time here, we urge you to make the most of our top-class facilities, world-renowned teachers and our committed Students’ Union.

Rachael O’Brien, SU President

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal


1. Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The Academy will:

  1. Provide performance training and opportunities at the Academy to prepare you for the reality of the professional life.
  2. Provide access to up to date information about learning, teaching and assessment on your programme of study through a set of relevant publications.
  3. Provide each of you with a Programme Tutor responsible for academic and pastoral welfare.
  4. Provide English language support to those of you who need it.
  5. Ensure you are made aware of any changes to programmes of study immediately, and to consult the student body when making changes.
  6. Ensure that your work is assessed fairly against clear, published marking criteria and taking due consideration of confidentiality and security, and to give useful feedback on your coursework.
  7. Provide clear and accurate information on the Academy’s academic regulations and disciplinary procedures, including academic appeals and student complaints.
  8. Provide information and assistance to aid your studies at the Academy if you notify us of a disability.
  9. Provide the opportunity for you to feedback on programmes of study, and to respond to you within four weeks of the assessment deadline regarding feedback.

All Students have a responsibility to:

  1. Pursue your studies with diligence, honesty and professionalism; while making the most of your programme of study and your studentship, as set out in student Programme and Departmental Handbooks and the Academy’s Regulations. 
  2. Monitor your @ram email account daily and update the Registry immediately with any changes to your contact details.
  3. Observe all deadlines for the return of forms and paperwork relating to the administration of your studentship, including enrolment forms, examination forms, and elective choices.
  4. Contact your Programme Tutor if something is giving you cause for concern or if something has gone wrong in terms of your studies, your personal life or any other aspect of your student experience.
  5. Provide feedback on your experience at the Academy, programme of study and department via the annual feedback exercises at all levels and areas of study.

2. Facilities and Services

The Academy will:

  1. Provide access to first-class learning resources to support your studies, including excellent practice facilities
  2. Provide efficient service departments to support you in your studies
  3. Provide daytime access to wellbeing, counselling and student support services
  4. Support the Student Union in fulfilling its obligations to you in terms of offering support and impartial advice and representing the interests of Academy students.

All students have a responsibility to:

  1. Make use of the facilities provided by the Academy with care and consideration for equipment and other users; and to comply with any regulations concerning their use and with any relevant health and safety requirements
  2. Make yourself familiar with and comply with the Academy’s Copyright and Intellectual Property policies and procedures.

3. Student Community

The Academy will:

  1. Provide a unique conservatoire environment and learning community which contributes to your academic and non-academic development.
  2. Ensure you are treated equally and respectfully, regardless of gender, religion, community background, nationality, race/ethnic origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientationor age in accordance with the Academy’s Equality Scheme and Objectives
  3. Ensure data and other information collected and retained during your studies is done so in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 2000
  4. Provide opportunities for you to earn money via activities such stewarding Academy concerts, auditions and examinations or in the Museum
  5. Ensure the student voice is heard on any academic or non-academic issues via student representation on committees, the Student-Staff Liaison Committee and via the Programme Tutor system
  6. Provide you with transparent information on tuition and other associated fees; and advice on student loans or other student funding areas via the Tutor system, Registry and Finance Departments.

All Students have the responsibility to:

  1. Treat all those who study and work at the Academy with equality and respect.
  2. Participate in processes to nominate or elect members of the Student Union and other representatives.
  3. Make use of the student representative system as a means to feed back to the Academy on the learning experience.
  4. Pay all fees and charges due when required.

4. Relevant documentation

There are several pieces of key documentation which you are expected to familiarise yourselves with, in order to actively engage with all learning opportunities and take responsibility for achieving your potential as an Academy student. These documents can be found on the intranet, AIR, or via the external website.

Student Support Handbook
Programme Handbooks
Department Handbooks
Examination Procedures
Learning and Teaching Strategy
Assessment Strategy
Equality Scheme and Objectives

This Charter was first approved by the Academic Board at its meeting on Monday 21 February 2011 and has been updated for the Academic Year 2017–18. Should you have any queries about this Charter, please contact the Academic Registrar, Catherine Jury or the Student Union President, Rachael O’Brien.