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The Academy’s mission has always been to provide musical training at the highest level, and through the Open Academy, we extend this opportunity beyond our enrolled students and out into the communities of London. Academy students benefit directly by engaging in innovative creative learning and participation projects, and discovering an application of their skills beyond the traditional concert platform. 

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Open Academy: what it means for Academy Students

Short Course: our annual Weekend Vocal Workout

Head of Open Academy: Julian West

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‘The concert had a very attentive and intimate atmosphere that was hugely rewarding. It was wonderful that the audience members wanted to express their enjoyment so readily and their directness in congratulating us was extremely humbling.  Experiences such as this one not only inform one as a musician but they develop one as a person. Making a difference through music, in whichever way it might be, is central to my endeavours as a musician and Open Academy provides the platform on which to do this.’

— Anna, Academy alumna


Latest News

Week Zero


Week Zero is the week before term starts. It’s the time where the Academy starts to gear up in preparation for the new academic year. New students enrol, lecturers return and there is a palatable shift in the building from hazy summer to busy autumn.

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@RoyalAcadMusic • Feb 24
An impressive percussion set-up today for @CamMusicTrust @NetleyPrimary composers' concert #openacademy.
@RoyalAcadMusic • Feb 22
#Openacademy fellows welcomed teddy bears to our #museum this morning, as well as toddlers. #academytots
@RoyalAcadMusic • Feb 15
#Openacademy fellows are working with #alum @jmaryondavies to create an exciting new show for @SpitsMusic primary s……