Past exhibitions

Our past exhibitions have covered a vast array of topics. Click on the links below to view and explore just a few of these selected displays in more detail. Please contact us for more information.

Past exhibitions

Hands free

Tuesday, 28.02.2017 - Wednesday, 31.05.2017, Tertis case

Musicians’ hands are as expressive as their faces; they are key to their creativity. This exhibit displays casts and photographs from our collections, revealing what the hands of composers and performers looked like.

Celebrating 70 years of the London Bach Society free

Thursday, 19.01.2017 - Tuesday, 28.02.2017, Tertis case

This display celebrates 70 years of the London Bach Society and their joyful mission to foster a greater understanding and knowl...

Yehudi Menuhin: Journeys with a violin

Monday, 04.01.2016 - Wednesday, 30.11.2016, Museum Ground Floor

An exhibition on the life and works of this world-renowned violinist.

William Sterndale Bennett 1816–1875

Monday, 25.04.2016 - Tuesday, 20.09.2016, Tertis case

This display celebrates the bicentenary of one of the Royal Academy of Music's own: William Sterndale Bennett

Yehudi Menuhin and Two Unique Scores

Tuesday, 05.04.2016 - Tuesday, 19.04.2016, Tertis case

A pair of scores on display giving a glimpse into the abundant Foyle Menuhin Archives at the Academy

Bartolommeo Cristofori 1655–1731

Monday, 29.02.2016 - Friday, 01.04.2016, Tertis case

A display exploring the ingenuity of the Bartolommeo Cristofori, who is credited with inventing the piano mechanism.

Young People at the Academy

Friday, 20.03.2015 - Sunday, 01.11.2015, Tertis case

The showcase explores a history of young musicians connected to the Academy, from child prodigies in the late-18th century to Elton John in the 20th century.

War Music

Tuesday, 22.04.2014 - Saturday, 31.10.2015, Museum Ground Floor

Marking the First World War centenary, this new exhibition takes a broad look at the relationship between music and war against the background of radical musical change.

Trench Cello

Friday, 17.10.2014 - Sunday, 01.03.2015, Tertis case

The First World War Trench Cello, on display in the Tertis Case situated in the Academy main building.

Kenny Wheeler

Tuesday, 16.04.2013 - Saturday, 29.03.2014, Museum Ground Floor

This exhibition turned the spotlight on the quiet genius of a much-loved jazz trumpeter and composer, Kenny Wheeler.

Re-thinking the oboe

Monday, 14.01.2013 - Thursday, 28.03.2013, Museum Ground Floor

For three years an exciting and painstaking process of instrumental design and development unfolded at the Royal Academy of Music.

Dickens and Music

Wednesday, 02.05.2012 - Thursday, 20.12.2012, Museum Ground Floor

Charles Dickens relished the thrill of live performance, be it music, drama or dance. The Academy’s exhibition Dickens and Music delved into Dickens’s connections to the Victorian musical world, from opera to street ballads.

Liszt and Chopin: the Development of Pianism

Wednesday, 01.09.2010 - Saturday, 01.09.2012, Museum Ground Floor

‘Liszt and Chopin’ drew on the Academy’s Collections to highlight the impact of these two seminal figures on nineteenth-century keyboard culture.

Revolutionary Violin

Monday, 01.09.2008 - Tuesday, 01.09.2009, Museum Ground Floor

As the French people fought for liberté in the late 18th century, the violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti led his own musical revolution. This Academy exhibition provided an opportunity to meet the man and his violin.

Paganini in London

Wednesday, 01.02.2006 - Friday, 01.09.2006, Museum Ground Floor

The museum exhibition dealt with Paganini’s concert tours of Britain between 1831 and 1834 and drew on material from private collections and from the Academy’s Foyle Menuhin Archive.

Musical Caricatures

Monday, 01.10.2001 - Saturday, 01.06.2002, Museum Ground Floor

A display of musical caricatures from the Academy collections.

Next Event

The Spencer Collection: A Musical Banquet — A Curator’s Tour free

28.03.2018 12:30, Museum Ground Floor

Joanna Tapp gives a guided tour of the current exhibition exploring the collection of lutenist and guitarist Robert Spencer