Celebrating 70 years of the London Bach Society free

Thursday, 19.01.2017 - Tuesday, 28.02.2017, Tertis case

This display celebrates 70 years of the London Bach Society and their joyful mission to foster a greater understanding and knowledge of JS Bach’s music.

Paul Steinitz founded the Society in 1946, in order to ‘get back to Bach in its original form’. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music from 1927 to 1930 and was a gifted organist. While working on Bach’s motet ‘Singet dem Herrn’ he began to consider in earnest how the composer’s often complex music was originally performed. An unforgettable event in the society’s first years was the first performance in Britain in 1952 of Matthäus-Passion in its complete and original German form. Quite a controversial move relatively soon after the Second World War. In 1958 Steinitz launched the Society’s historic Bach Cantata Cycle. It began a 29-year life-enhancing cantata journey shared with enthralled audiences. His enthusiasm did not end there – he also founded the Steinitz Bach Players in 1968, who give performances on period instruments.

Today the Bach Society hosts an annual Bach Festival – a platform for contemporary Bach performers and scholars from across the globe. The Royal Academy of Music itself is now in the eighth year of its ‘epic Bach cantata voyage’ – very much inspired by Paul Steinitz and the Society’s 70 years of trailblazing.

Please note that the case is in the basement of the main building, alongside the restaurant, and can be seen whenever the building is open – therefore not restricted to the opening hours of the museum.

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