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 an artist's impression

It was thrilling to visit New York last week and witness Kommilitonen! performed by the Juilliard Opera School in our co-commission of Max’s new masterpiece. The work, to my mind, has all the elements of a truly compelling, relevant and inspiring example of modern opera, and our favourite collaborators did a magnificent job. It was a pleasure to see the opera so well received, and the American press engaging with its infectious qualities of youthful energy and dramatic power. Bravo to Anne Manson!

Again, thanks go to Joseph Polisi, President of the Juilliard, for joining us in this wonderful project and most of all to our distinguished Professor of Composition, Max. I am delighted to report that further collaborations with Juilliard are planned for the future; this is a unique partnership which resonates in important ways, and it is a pleasure to develop our association in an ongoing series of outstanding projects and events.  

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